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Fun and free in Costa Rica: Halloween masquerade parades

This Halloween, be a part of Costa Rica’s fun and free costumed tradition — fling yourself into the contagious festivals and parades that flood the streets during Día Nacional de la Mascarada Costarricense.

Fun and free in Costa Rica: Art Walk at Avenida Escazú

Avenida Escazú is always a good option for finding fun things to do with your family for free, but especially during the Art Walk exhibition this week.

Sarchí: Making Costa Rica’s splendid oxcarts is 120-year tradition

Sarchí is the birthplace of the brilliantly painted oxcarts that are the national symbol of Costa Rica, and the Eloy Alfaro oxcart factory is the epicenter.

Inside a Costa Rican pottery workshop, spinning wheels churn out the real deal

Feet get dirty and hands get wet on a tour of a Costa Rican pottery factory in Salitral, where some of the country's most beautiful handicrafts are made.

Tamarindo Art Wave to showcase local, national and international artists

The town of Tamarindo, best known for its beaches and nightlife, is inviting the world to see its artsy side for a change.

Drinking contraband guaro with Sámara’s living legend, Don Polo

Napoleón "Don Polo" Arias of Sámara in Guanacaste is a living legend who spends time drinking contraband guaro on his porch and signing folk songs with friends and family.

Mountain biking in Costa Rica: 3 trails to pedal through

Costa Rica is a great destination for mountain biking, with a variety of terrain and trails to suit riders of all levels. The country...

Costa Rica’s Certification of Sustainable Tourism

Nowadays, sustainability plays a huge role in deciding vacation spots, hotels, restaurants, and packages. Many businesses advertise themselves as eco-friendly or sustainable, and it...

Travel Journal Day 5 – A Rainy Season in Costa Rica

Last night I drifted off to sleep while reading The Old Man and the Sea by Ernest Hemingway.  It seems to be the perfect...

Honduras registers lowest homicide rate in 16 years in 2022

Honduras closed the year 2022 with a homicide rate of 35.79 per 100,000 inhabitants, the lowest in 16 years in one of the most...