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Nicaragua drops $80 million on Russian tanks

The $80 million T-72B tanks are a significant purchase for the hemisphere’s second poorest country, which spent $71.6 million total on its military in 2015, according to the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute.

As Nicaragua elections approach, banned opposition decries Ortega’s budding dictatorship

As Nicaragua nears November's presidential elections, opposition leaders say President Daniel Ortega has established a family-run dictatorship reminiscent of the one he overthrew decades ago.

Why is Gas so Expensive in Costa Rica?

Gas prices are the topic of almost everyone's conversations these days. The rising cost of gasoline is on the mass's minds making their way...

Presidents Obama, Solís sign historic security donation for Costa Rica

Solís described the aid from the U.S. government as “the biggest assistance granted in the last 30 years” and a reflection of the good relations between the two countries.

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Drug Gangs Target Businesses in Costa Rica

According to the Costa Rican media outlet Teletica, drug gangs Los Lara and Diablo are extorting businesses and vendors for millions of dollars to...

Costa Rica Wildlife – Meet the Central American Lyre Snake

Which medium-sized to large snake has a slightly compressed body, large eyes with vertically elliptical pupils, and loves to show up in my backyard?...

Amazon Tribes Battle Against Carbon Credit Scheme

Chewing on psychoactive coca leaves in a traditional ritual, Colombian Indigenous leader Fabio Valencia seeks the advice of jungle spirits and ancestors about a...

Costa Rica Holiday Cheer: Christmas Concerts

The traditional Christmas Concerts presented by the National Symphony Orchestra of Costa Rica (OSNCR) and the National Symphonic Choir are set to commence this...

Costa Rica Detains Panamanian Tycoon David Ochy

Costa Rican police detained Panamanian businessman and former presidential hopeful David Ochy on Tuesday, who is suspected of money laundering and wanted by Interpol,...
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