Despite its dark past, Medellín, Colombia, remains one of Latin America’s great cities

Michael Krumholtz | March 20, 2017

Once synonymous with drugs and bloodshed, Medellín now provides an unbelievably vibrant and colorful stage for an increasing number of foreign visitors.

Here’s a fish story you know is true because we barely caught anything

Marshall Cobb | March 13, 2017
The heavy use of nets has severely depleted the fish population but creative locals have found other ways to bring life, and income, to the zone. One example is this artificial oyster farm. Beneath each float is a weighted line seeded with baby oysters that are later harvested.

A night fishing trip in Costa de Pájaros in the Nicoya Gulf turns into quite an adventure — unfortunately, not one that involved catching many fish.

Paraíso Granada

Paraiso Granada is a Condo-Hotel that is envisioned to provide luxury

  • Region: Nicaragua
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Hacienda Altagracia

Hacienda AltaGracia, one of Costa Rica's Best-Kept Secrets

  • Region: San Isidro de El General
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Río Celeste and Tenorio National Park

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Hotel Si Como No, in Manuel Antonio.


Costa Rica has a well-developed tourism infrastructure, and you'll find great lodging at all kinds of price points throughout the ...
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Domestic Flights

Flying is far and away faster than driving. For example, if you're going to Puerto Jimenez or Golfito, you can ...
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Bus travel in Costa Rica is inexpensive and efficient. Kelly Kernan/The Tico TImes


It’s inexpensive and easy to get almost anywhere in Costa Rica using the public bus system; a trip to the ...
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