Property for Sale in Paraiso, Birrisito, Parruaz in Cartago    

2 km East of the Catholic Church of Birrisito. 4,919 square meters. Completely flat land, with a very slight slope in a  20% of the land. Space provided for field installation              sports (soccer, tennis, basketball, volleyball) or swimming pool.  Fruit trees and other large trees.  Land covered with grass.  The entire perimeter is surrounded with fence (poles and mesh livestock of 1.5 meters high) and trees.

2 houses (Main House and Annexed House [guests or surveillance]).

Main House: Ground floor: 226 square meters. Garage 2 vehicles.
Large indoor corridor that surrounds the house.
Living room, dining room, kitchen area (complete furniture on the floor and
aerial, wood and green granite).
Sanitary service and bathroom (shower).
Battery and washing area (connections ready for washing machine and
dryer).  Cellar.  Rustic ceramic floor (inside the house).
Fireplace with rustic screen, wood holder and tools for
manipulate the stove.

Top floor:
92 square meters.
Wood floor.
3 rooms (currently 2 of them joined). Each room has a cabinet for closet.
Sanitary service and bathroom (shower).
Wide corridors overlooking the first floor.
Space for stay.
Balcony, totally under roof, excellent panoramic, with
sliding windows around its perimeter

Annex House: one floor, 57.4 square meters of construction.
Dining room.
2 rooms.
Sanitary service and shower.
Wide corridor to the front with coffered ceiling.

Security: Annex House for surveillance.
Main iron gates.
Bars on all the windows of the two houses and on the inside of
the cellar, as well as in the laundry room.
Own alarm in operation, with sensors in all
internal and external rooms and corridors.
Street lighting and wide-ranging lamp inside the

Pet house: Excellent construction, wide, very safe and under shade of tree.

Services: water (hot water tank), electricity, telephone, Internet, satellite television (Sky), water tank 1050 liters (ready to install), taxes per day.

Liens: free of liens, currently 1 single mortgage, which is at  day with payments and on behalf of the owner.

Price: $ 445,000, NEGOTIABLE.

Appraisal: available.

Contact Information: 8389-5888 or


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