Finca El Bejuco, Chilamate, Sarapiqui, Heredia, Costa Rica

• Price: $482,000 ($2.31 per square meter)
• Property Type: lowland rainforest ecological reserve with house

Finca El Bejuco offers the luxury of nature as it can be found only in the biologically richest habitat on Earth; the lowland tropical rainforest. Where roads go, rainforests disappear for miles in every direction, thus Finca El Bejuco is rare in that through historical accident, the rainforest persists up to a major road, with municipal water and telephone and electric lines. It may be the most accessible lowland rainforest in Costa Rica.
Ideal for an ecotourism business offering a rainforest hike or walk, or if you just want to live close to nature.

  • 20.86 hectares (51.55 acres) of mostly primary lowland tropical rainforest
  • 8 room screened-in house designed for the climate: three bedrooms, one full bath, large living room, one sealed air-conditioned room, large kitchen, and laundry room. Designed and constructed to be expanded with a second floor, and is thus suitable for a major renovation into a much larger structure more suitable for a B&B.
  • A connected adjacent outbuilding with two half baths. Small outbuilding housing well and pressurized water system.
  • Fruit trees and plants: orange, papayas, cacao, banana, coconut, guanábano, mango, nance, jocote, yellow gusbavana, pineapple, and others
  • Other botanicals: BanisteriopsisPsychotriaVirolaAnadenantheraBrugmansia
  • Flora and fauna typical of Sarapiquí (located 2.1 miles from the famous Organization for Tropical Studies biological research station, Finca La Selva, which has inventoried the local flora and fauna
  • Diverse forest habitats: swamps, springs, streams, hills, valleys, rock faces
  • Extensive trail system (see map) with raised paths through swamps and bridges over streams
  • Contiguous with extensive areas of protected forest, located in the narrowest passage of the Mesoamerican Biological Corridor (Wikipedia) and the San Juan-La Selva Biological Corridor.
  • Road frontage, electric lines, municipal water and well water, telephone lines
  • 150 m to the Sarapiquí river
  • Walking distance, ~500 m, to supermarket
  • Located in the center of the small rural community of Chilamate, Sarapiquí, Heredia, Costa Rica,

“Finca El Bejuco”
“Lugares del Bejuco”
“Naturaleza 2012”
“Construyendo Mi Casa” 
“Finca El Bejuco 1984-1990”

Contact: Tom Ray,, 405-203-0703