Change your life for the better, no stress, no hassles Escazu Costa Rica has it all!

Studio apartments from $325 $350 $425 $550 per month cable
tv /wifi/ hot water/private bath/in house services/laundry/ taxi.

Let us show you how to live well for under $1000 a month, see the
rainforest,volcanos, beaches and more!

Custom tours or just relax enjoy the perfect climate, fresh air,
healthy life style. Live the good life!

Get out of the rat race come on down to fantastic Costa Rica. I did
and have never looked back!

Expat expert with more than 24 years living the dream in Escazu
Costa Rica. Just 2.5 hours from Miami FL

From US call 877-778-8515, text, 410-9756703, CR (506) 8307-0164. Electrical-plumbing all home repairs and building service, Power solar. Live the Dream Costa Rica! And

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