$375,000.00 land in San Fco. Dos Rios (1325 mts)

265 sq. mts of construction, which includes an apartment and there is also a 80-meter child play area, all surrounded by nature and green areas, with a parking area for about 30 vehicles. Existing documents:
· 1-Commercial Restaurant Permit.
· 2-License National and foreign liquors.
· 3- Health Permit.
All permissions and patents of operation per day, fully equipped within the inventory there is an industrial smoked oven with capacity for 120 Kilos of meat.
The kitchen area is 60 meters, tables service area, bathroom area (3 toilets for women, 2 toilets for men, 4 urinals), the bar area capacity for 25 people.
TEL 8441-9912.