30 Hectares (74.1316 acres) Farm for Sale

Central pacific area, Bijagual, Costa Rica

Pura Vida Pros promotion (PVP promo): $1,050,000 USD

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The current market price, at this farm and all surrounding properties is valued at $1,350,000 USD, for 30 Hectares (74.1316 acres), so you can save $300,000, right from the start. Willing to negotiate the price, with serious buyers.

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This huge, peaceful property is located in a place of great natural beauty, with beautiful landscapes, spectacular views, daily sightings of birds like toucans and the scarlet macaw, as well as animals like monkeys, sloths, pizotes and deer, as it is near the national environmental protected Carara National Park.

The property is just a short drive to the ocean, high above everything, surrounded by green mountains and lush jungle. In the vicinity there are two small towns, El Sur and Las Delicias Turrubares, these towns have very friendly locals and nice churches and schools. Its climate ranges between 20° C (68° F) and 25° C (77° F), because it is located in a mountainous region.

As you drive toward the property, through the exotic animal-infested jungle, up through the lush green mountains and pass by one of the tallest waterfalls in Costa Rica, you will experience beautiful, spectacular, birds-eye views of the bright blue Pacific Ocean, Gulf of Nicoya, Carara National Park and the world-famous Tárcoles River, home to some of the largest crocodiles on the planet.

The property consists of two levels:

• One with an area of 5 hectares 1573 m2 (12.3553 acres), and another 25 hectares 5940 m2 (61.7763 acres). Eight of those hectares are pristine mountain.


• A main house with 2 floors, 2 bedrooms, 1 bathroom, kitchen, living room, large terrace and garage space.

• A small house, designed for farm workers that can also be used as a cabin, that features a large bedroom, 1 bathroom, living room, kitchen and terrace.

• Cattle corral roofing, in very good condition.

• Construction to raise pigs. (two departments)

• Construction to raise chickens.


• Electric, hi-speed internet, cable and landline telephone.

Lots of fruit trees:

• One hundred and twenty rambutan trees, grafted trees, tangerine, orange, guava, cashew, peach, chestnut, carambola, cas, water apple, nance, sweet lime, lemon benzine and more. It also has many trees that can be leveraged quality wood. Borehole which provides drinking water all year round. Special pasture for cattle. Small pools to raise tilapia. The farm currently generates a nice salary just from some of the fresh, organic fruits and vegetables that are grown on site.

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