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What should I pack on my trip to Costa Rica?

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If you want to know what items visitors to Costa Rica most often forget to bring – or regret bringing – just ask a hotel owner.

To create our “Insiders’ Guide to Costa Rica,” which you’ll find in Tico Times High Season Print Edition being distributed now nationwide, we asked some of our columnists and other long-time residents, as well as our favorite urban tourism guru, for their travel recommendations. One of our questions was what to pack. Pip Kelly, an Australian and Costa Rican citizen who is co-owner of the Casitas Tenorio B&B in the Northern Zone town of Bijagua, gave us such an extensive list that we decided to publish it in full, including her brilliant footwear hack.

Here’s Pip’s list:

Stay tuned for more information on where you can pick up your free copy of our High Season Print Edition for the full story, as well as an events calendar, columns and more.

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