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Costa Rican government responds to Trump's climate accords exit

In the wake of U.S. President Donald Trump’s announcement on June 1 that he would seek his country’s exist from the Paris Climate Agreement, Costa Rica’s Presidency, Ministry of Foreign Relations, and Ministry of the Environment and Energy released a joint statement. Excerpts follow.

The Government of Costa Rica regrets that the decision of President Donald Trump to withdraw the United States from the Paris Agreement could cause a setback on climate issues, because of his lack of understanding of U.S. responsibilities as one of the globe’s leading sources of emissions.

For our country, this fact, far from impeding progress on this issue, should help to expand and accelerate the work that the rest of the world’s countries are doing to achieve their most ambitious national goals and commitments, thereby allowing us to meet the goal that will prevent the planetary temperature increase from exceeding 1.5 degrees Celsius.

The reality of climate change is based on overwhelming scientific evidence. Its effects are visible and even catastrophic, particularly in the most vulnerable countries in the world, but even within the territory of the United States itself. This means that all countries must elevate their ambitions beyond what is stipulated in the Paris Accords. To achieve this, we must continue to work with civil society, the private sector and local governments, including those U.S. states that are willing to set their sights higher on climate issues.

At the same time, we must increase our efforts on issues such as climate financing, which supports the most vulnerable countries and those with the fewest resources to address their needs and commitments on emissions reduction and adaptation.

Costa Rica will continue to work hard with its allies, as it has been doing, in global and regional fora and in the organiations of which it is a part… and continues moving forward on the initiative of becoming a decarbonization laboratory, with the support of friendly governments.

“Costa Rica demands full compliance with the Paris Agreement as a commitment to the future of our species,” said President Luis Guillermo Solís. “I reiterate our unbreakable will regarding global action against climate change.”


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All talk, no action! I’ve seen slums in Juarez that were cleaner than the streets of San Jose. Does everyone throw their garbage in the gutter, where it eventually gets washed into the rivers and ocean? How about a little action on your own before condemning the U.S.

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Parkway Pro

Fear, Fear, Fear. These elitists going on and on about how humans are bad. This is what this climate nonsense is all about– it’s about how humans are bad and how we are destroying the planet. The elitist, establishment response to these fake fears is to reduce resources, take control of everything and increase taxes, further eroding the middle class and poor. These taxes always affect the poor, first– then they trickle down to the middle class. Leo DiCaprio, flying around in his private jet emitting tons and tons of carbon each year can afford to pay these extra fees and carbon taxes. You think the poor guy collecting change at the semaforo can afford to pay more for gas, food, water and electricity? I thought liberals cared about the poor? Right…..

I remember when Obama was talking and he something like if every African had access to air conditioning that the world would “boil over.” What nonsense. This should of “outraged” everyone. These globalists are always working and conniving behind the scenes on how to con the public. They control virtually every mainstream news publication in the friggin’ world– this site included! It’s the same liberal, anti-human, deceptive so-called journalism (propaganda). Shame on you Tico Times.

In the 70s it was “global cooling.” Remember that? Then it was global warming; then when that con-job didn’t work, they changed it again to something more vapid: “climate change.” Such little faith people have in the planet. Even if there is some excess carbon, I am quite sure the planet would create different grasses or trees to collect any excess carbon. The planet has been here for billions of years and will contine to do be here for billions more. We have such little faith in a planet that nourishes us and sustains us.

Naturally, India and China are free to pollute as much as they want while the rest of the world raises the cost of everything. Just park your car, ride on a crowded dirty bus or train that runs late, ride a bicycle (on these horrible roads?), walk, eat less, use less air conditioning, live in a 200 square foot micro apartment……I’m just so sick of these regressive lefties telling me how to live my life.

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All of the post below are so misguided. You read and know what you want to. You want to hate Trump and the US, but you really don’t know what is the truth because you get your information from the made up news sources.

First, the US is not against the environment or the rest of the world. Past presidents and congress have tried to appease the world by making bad deals that in the end do not and never will do enough to improve the environment. The only thing that will help the environment is for all people of countries to stop breeding like farm animals. The population of humans is the root cause.

Secondly, the Paris Climate Agreement has no real measurable requirements, it was a lop-sided accord to redistribute money. So the US gives concessions and money, but there is no real measurements that the beneficiary countries are actually using it for climate initiatives. what a load of crap. Two of the biggest populations and polluters, China and India have no requirements and if they did, they still wouldn’t do their part. Heck, go to China and find an area where the air is actually breathable. Go to India and see all of the feces on the streets.

Third, CR is no case study in environmental welfare – it may have used to been 20-25 years ago. But look at the unchecked development for tourism, the crummy water parks, the new Discover park in development, the damming of rivers for power the massive cutting of forest; the country can no longer claim sustainability and environmental care.

Lastly, no-one really wants to give up anything in these deals. Right down to the individual. No one in the US, France, UK, Germany, China, or CR. If this were the case, people would stop building 1800, 2,000, 3,000 Sq Ft + houses. Cars on roads wouldn’t be multiplying by the thousands daily (globally), individuals wouldn’t be polluting so heavily. It is the typical “not my problem, I’m not the problem, I can’t give up my lifestyle” mentality. This is not a country-level solution, it is only solvable by all individuals changing personal habits. And I am so tired of “celebrities” telling everyone how they should live while they fly around on private jets, own multiple thousands of sq ft houses and take rides in large, polluting limos – while the masses worship them. Heck even Al Gore, while putting out his Inconvenient Truth movie was living in a 20+ room mansion with a $30,000/year utility bill. What an inconvenience for old Al to have a low carbon footprint.

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So proud of Costa Rica and the incredible effort toward renewable energy at 100%. The last two years are evidence of our success! Pura Vida. Y gracias para su muy buena respodar a esta

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Maybe El Presidente Trump should ban all flights between the US and CR. Also, ban all US citizens from traveling there. Ban all CR citizens from coming to the US.

That should help to reduce the US’s carbon footprint. Just what the government of CR is after.

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What a faking retrd.

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FYI, prior to making an abbreviated comment as to avoid being flagged make sure spell check is off!

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There is no doubt who you voted for. You think the rest of the world is disposable, and that you live on an isolated self-sufficient bubble! The dangers of ignorance threatening the world again! So sad…

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Jethro! Hola joven,
A step forward: put your money into renewable technology for aviation: its growing leaps and bounds, …and, will leave all those crusty old oil fellas in the dust, Literally and figuratively. (And serve the forward thinking par excellance. Pura vida.

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