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Human rights group calls for legal action against 'erotic vacation provider'

The international humans rights organization Equality Now has made a public call to U.S. authorities to prosecute a sex tour operator that promote trips to numerous destinations, including Costa Rica.

According to Equality Now, the company in question is the Los Angeles, California-based Global Fantasy Girls. On the tour group’s website, the company calls itself a “premium erotic vacation provider” and advertises trips to Costa Rica, among 15 other international destinations.

“Escape the dread of everyday life in our exotic Costa Rican jungle & beach resorts and write a new chapter in your life… one you won’t soon forget!!!” the website advertises on its Costa Rica page.

Equality Now alleges that the company is violating U.S. federal law and specifically the Mann Act, which forbids “knowingly transporting or enticing someone to travel in foreign commerce to engage in prostitution.”

“Equality Now is requesting that Eileen Decker, U.S. Attorney for the Central District of California, investigates and prosecutes Global Fantasies, and any other sex tour operators operating in her jurisdiction, for knowingly and openly violating the Mann Act, Travel Act and the TVPA,” the organization indicated in an email.

Representatives from Equality Now sent Decker a personal email requesting prosecution of Global Fantasy Girls. They also made contact with Susan Coppedge, the State Department’s Ambassador-at-Large for the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons, to ask that the State Department include a note in its annual human trafficking report indicating U.S. authorities did not prosecute certain sex tour operators.

The Tico Times sent an email seeking a response from Global Fantasy Girls but did not obtain a response as of the publication of this article.

Costa Rica’s Human Trafficking Law contains a component known as the Sex Tourism Law that forbids anyone in the country from promoting Costa Rica as a destination for sex tourists.

Last year, in the first-ever court case where this section of the law was applied, noted sex blogger and U.S. citizen David “Cuba Dave” Strecker was sentenced to five years in prison in November when judges ruled that he had advertised Costa Rica as a sex tourism destination.

The sex tourism industry is a $1 billion per year business, according to the U.S. State Department. U.S. authorities and advocates such as Equality Now that rally against sex tourists argue that even when travelers seek out prostitution in countries where the practice is legalized, they are fueling global human trafficking.

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Ken Morris

Hmmm . . . I’m not sure about the legal basis to prosecute Global Fantasy Girls, don’t have much faith in California’s authorities blundering again into an area they’ve amply demonstrated that they don’t understand, and frankly puke over once again tying normal prostitution to human trafficking. Damn it, human trafficking is important, but it really doesn’t help address it to constantly call every instance of prostitution human trafficking, when it simply isn’t.

However, I hate outfits like Global Fantasy Girls. They are the scum of the earth. What kind of creep could make money promoting prostitution when the poor prostitutes themselves don’t even get a cut? Do these people have mothers or children, and do they know what the creeps do for a living? How do they live with themselves running this kind of a so-called business? And what’s next, are they going to advertise kidneys for sale by the poor to the rich and take a cut of the kidney sales? There are just limits to human indecency, for God’s sakes.

So yeah, I’m going to cheer if Global Fantasy Girls is shut down and cheer even louder if its operators go to jail. They are parasites. However, I want the legal basis to be clearly distinguished from mere prostitution or patronizing same. Prostitution may not be ideal, but it is the oldest profession as well as a person’s right, so it’s not anything a person wants to fight. However, the leeches who attach themselves for profit to a sex industry do need to be fought–and stopped.

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Hachi Ko

Yet another example of the USA trying to assert its morals on the rest of the world. The U.S. citizens will protest in the streets by the millions to demonstrate for a woman’s right to do whatever she wishes to do with her own body… if that means giving her right to have an abortion. But when it comes to giving her the right to use her own body to engage in prostitution… “Oh, Wait! We didn’t mean that she should have the right to use her body for prostitution! We just meant that she should have the right to use her body as We See Fit!”

Bunch of two-faced hypocrites. You can’t have it both ways… sorry guys…

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BTW – Equality Now successfully campaigned to have the New York sex tourism travel agency Big Apple Oriental Tours prosecuted for promotion of prostitution. While a temporary restraining order was obtained preventing the company from advertising, the criminal case against the agency’s owners was ultimately unsuccessful. Yet here they are at it again wasting more time and money in an attempt to make something perfectly legal appear illegal.

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I don’t get it. If prostitution is legal in Costa Rica and other countries, why is it illegal to tell people about it? What other perfectly legal service or product is illegal to advertise? Are the sex prohibitionists going to make more censorship laws prohibiting free speech about any other legal activity or is this just because some morally-motivated “do-gooders” don’t like sex to be available to those who travel? There are already laws against human sex trafficking – a whole other subject that has no bearing on legal prosittution.

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Mike Willis

They have an anti-pimping law… It would be legal for the girls to set up their own web page and solicit Johnns… But it’s illegal for a 3rd party to do it.. The reason being is that they take a cut of the money paid for the girl, which is illegal. It also creates a situation where an organizer and lure girls in and take advantage of them.

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