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Why Manuel Antonio and Quepos are king of the hill in Costa Rican tourism

Have you heard of this place called Manuel Antonio? It’s got the most popular national park in Costa Rica, a gleaming new marina in nearby Quepos and a ridge between the two lined with world-class hotels, restaurants and shops.

It’s got monkeys, sloths, macaws, toucans, dolphins, whales — oh, and also: lots of tourists.

Some people avoid Manuel Antonio because it’s too “crowded,” too “touristy” — and they’re making a big mistake. Sure, a lot of people come here, but there are many good reasons for that.

In the second installment of our series on “Costa Rica’s Greatest Places,” today The Tico Times Travel section kicks off a multi-story package on the attractions, the adventures and the backstory that have made Manuel Antonio and Quepos the top destination in Costa Rica.

Read the opening story in Travel.

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E. Ted Gladue

Hello Karl: Glad to see you are still at it, writing uplifting and interesting stories….Since I last wrote you I used my Irish passport (and new citizenship) to travel to Dublin to promote my last four books and when returning to Hollyood Florida took a trip up into the mountains of Western North Carolina to rent a cabin in which to write…. nixed both…at least here in Hollywood I can work out ans sweat every day and then swim i the ocean.. back to your piece on Quebros…when I left Costa Rica ito drive all the way to Philly in 2009 I was stopped by a cop a few miles from Quebos who stood in the middle of the road (then still dirt, unpaved).. and demanded I give him my car (with all my books, computers, all the things a write owns)…and walk back to Dominical… . the bastard
even hinted at pulling out his gun… and the boy from Philly still alive in the man, nearly went off, until the nice young lady from San Isidro I was with, pulled 40 bucks out of my wallet and gave it to him.. I may have been a statistic, for there was no way I was going to give up my old Volvo, which the engine caught fire in the beautiful Mexican city of Oxaca (spelling??)… I still dream of that epidose with the cop for it would have been a fight till the death for one of us.. oot a good
thing for the growth of my poetic soul….many poem in my book.. poetry in green.. set in costa rica….you should go to Oxaca and do a story there.. and push the paper to continue looking into the mystry of the missing French or Belgium couple on the road outside Quebroas…you just wrote about.. one last thing.. amazon books sell all my books, and I have to deal with their wonderful , wonderful, efficient… workers in San Jose.. whom I have come to respect and love, for they deal with my writing.. keep up the good writing and exploring…Ted

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