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Campaign aims to 'defeat Trump' by encouraging more U.S. expat votes

International activist network Avaaz hopes to make it easier for U.S. expats to vote in the upcoming U.S. presidential election — with the ultimate aim of making sure Donald Trump doesn’t reach the White House.

An estimated 5 million, non-military U.S. citizens who are eligible to vote live abroad, yet in the 2012 U.S. presidential election, only an estimated 12 percent of them voted, according to data from University of Oxford researchers.

More than 70,000 U.S. citizens are thought to live in Costa Rica.

Through its digital campaign, including an email sent Tuesday morning to Avaaz followers in Costa Rica, Avaaz team members made a call to U.S. citizens in the country to use the last weeks before registration closes to register and request an absentee ballot. They’re also asking Costa Ricans to encourage their U.S. friends to do so.

“Dear friends in Costa Rica,” the email begins in Spanish. “This is an incredible and new strategy so that all of US can come together to put a stop to Trump’s politics of hate, fear, sexism, and racism.”

Avaaz, which describes itself as a “global civic movement,” cites some of Trump’s controversial proposals in the email, like his suggestion last year that Muslims should be banned from entering the U.S.

The group’s website will send out an email to those who wish to register to vote with a link to what it says is an easier voter registration process.

The three-step online entry asks for a voter’s information and polling district in the U.S. Then, voters can fill out an electronic form that they can fax or mail to their designated polling office to request an absentee ballot.

Though Avaaz says the effort is not paid for by any political campaign, the organization’s call for better turnout from expats is clearly aimed at harming Trump’s chances come November.

“Many of us who can’t vote in the United States have felt powerless to stop this proto-fascist,” the email says of Trump. “Now we can help our U.S. friends by joining the fight. The strangest thing is that no one is doing this, not even the Hillary Clinton campaign!”

Though deadlines vary by state, most states require that voters living abroad register by Oct. 11. You can check dates for your state at the Federal Voting Assistance Program website.

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most U.S citizens I meet in CR say the USA political system is corrupt and there is no real difference between R and D. My answer is that there is at least one important topic where there is a huge difference: environment… while Trump is a climate change denier, and his party committed to help Koch brother burn more coal, Clinton and the democratic party will continue Obama’s legacy and will support reducing emissions, and act to reach the goals set on Paris climate summit. Hilary, with all her problems, is the only hope if we want to reduce the environmental ordeal which the human race will need to pass for its own stupidity and careless actions…

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No, sorry, Hillary is a proven pro-fracking disaster. Obama’s legacy is toxic tap water, dead rivers, and dogs attacking indigenous water rights fighters.

I think you are thinking of a Democratic party of 30 or more years ago. Now they are just another branch of Republicans.

There is a reason they cheated (now proven thanks to wikileaks) Sen. Sanders out of the nomination, and that is because the corrupt system that owns the U.S. doesn’t want their business of trashing the planet to slow. Hillary works hand in hand with the planet killers.

If you really care about the planet, Jill Stein is your woman.

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Rick Nash

what the f.. is wrong with Avaaz i use to like them but now they are so stupid islamic invation and illegal emigration is destroying the west and what does these Avaaz members do nothing trump is not against the Moderate muslims or the legal emigrants you stupid people just look at whats happening to germany and rest of the E.U countries its done only way to say north america is to vote for trump and we are gonna do it wait and see

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Ginger Firestone

That’s cute, but like most liberals, they aren’t too terribly smart. Think about why people left the USA – most don’t like the way our government is headed and so we left. Trump is the one most of us want in the White House to get away from politics as usual. We need a new direction. We get a black president and what happens? Worse race relations since the 50s. He tromps all over the constitution, bends over backwards to appease Muslims and has no respect for our own citizens and country. So yes, encourage people here to vote, but don’t be surprised when they vote for Trump. How you could want a woman who is so corrupt, such a liar, a thief is beyond me. No one even questions her about all the dead bodies that surround her. All the bodies of people who were going to testify against her, or investigate her or prosecute her. Is there no one in the liberal world who has any common sense?

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Steve Depoyster

Trump is such a narsassistic national disscrace it will be really difficult to face friends around the world including Costa Rica, should he win the election. His ignorance in international relations, his love for shiny objects, to include his wives and his lack of respect for anyone who questions his absolute authority, disqualifies him to ever be president.

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