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Solís' approval rating at record low

Only 10 out of 100 Ticos approve of the job President Luis Guillermo Solís is doing, according to results of the latest opinion poll by consulting firm CID Gallup released this week. That’s the lowest of any Costa Rican president in 38 years.

Of the 10 percent who said they approve of Solis’ work, only 1 percent considered his work “Very Good,” while the remaining 9 percent said it was “Good.”

Almost 40 percent of those polled said Solís’ work in office has been “Regular” and 37 percent considered it “Bad.”

Eighty percent of respondents said they believe Solís is leading the country in the wrong direction and said they are pessimistic about the goals the president can achieve during his remaining two years in office.

That same group of people think the country’s financial situation is worse than it was a year ago. Only two out of 10 people believe the country will be better within a year.

Just over halfway through his four-year term, Solís’ approval rating is at its lowest level yet.

Negative opinions of Solís are more common among those who said their financial situation deteriorated in the past year and among those who claim to read or watch news at least three or more times a week, the study noted.

CID Gallup conducted its survey from Aug. 6-11 by telephone and via home visits to 1,205 adults across the country. The poll has a margin of error of 2.38 points and a confidence level of 95 percent, the company reported.

Official reaction

Casa Presidencial‘s only response came from Presidency Minister Sergio Alfaro, who said Tuesday that the administration had yet to review the study’s methodology and conclusions to fully understand how the results were obtained.

The minister said the survey results were difficult to take but that he believes “the administration is doing well, the country’s economy is growing properly and currently there is no inflation.”

Alfaro said the government is working every day to provide Costa Ricans with a better quality of life. He said the administration will keep focusing on getting things done, regardless of negative opinions from polls.

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Ken Morris

This is neither surprising nor that bad for Solís.

It’s not surprising because so far the legislature has blocked just about every initiative Solís has proposed, not the least of which is fiscal reform. Everyone knows that fiscal reform is the foundation for everything else, and by blocking this, the legislature is effectively destroying Solís. That, moreover, is the legislature’s intent. The other parties in the legislature are in the majority, and every one of them wants to destroy the PAC in the hopes of capturing the presidency themselves next time. Of course, in seeking to destroy Solís and the PAC, they are destroying the country too, but that doesn’t seem as important to them as their own political ambition.

It’s also not surprising because we’re in midterm. The honeymoon is over, initiatives are being blocked, and it’s hard for anyone to be enthusiastic about Solís. With any luck, the opposition will crack and this whole thing will turn around soon.

Meanwhile, it’s not surprising because the accomplishments of Solís haven’t been spectacular. His chief accomplishment has been to do as promised, namely to eliminate corruption from the executive branch. This is the first president in a long time not to have been dogged by scandals by this point in their terms, but that’s kind of a negative accomplishment that no one notices. Then, what Solís has done–things like negotiating a great deal with Intel, promoting entrepreneurship, and holding the line on unemployment as well as inflation despite being blocked on fiscal reform–have long- rather than short-term payoffs.

But the news isn’t bad for Solís either. If Ticos aren’t enthused by him, only 37% say that he’s doing a bad job. This is important, since in politics negatives are more important than positives. The negative rating of Solís is fairly low. This means that he has plenty of room to rise in popularity.

The question is whether the legislature will let him accomplish anything. He’s the first president in a long time not to have a majority of his own party in the legislature, and this is hurting him big time.

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Ken are you “in heat” or is it that your just a loyal “LAP DOG”? I guess your content as long as he continues to provide you a bone to gnaw on!

While prostitution is legal in Costa Rica it doesn’t change the fact of what a whore actually is!

You keep pissing on issues that are sensitive to a lot of people just so you can put your scent out there, not realizing that it doesn’t matter how old a mutt is, because he can still be potty-trained by rubbing his nose in his own sh!t.

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the approval rating is bullshit in developing countries i’ve been living here my whole life (15 yrs) and to be honest one commented “CCDAGP” actually sums up everything, but approval ratings are so biased sometimes and actually sway public opinion of a president so much, its hardly a credible piece of information.

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But, im in no way saying he’s a good president

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I would like to know details of what people think he has done or failed to do to draw this much negative criticism.

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To start with:

#1. Crime and safety.
(to silence it is not a solution. A real fix gets you above a fifty percent rating)

#2. Economy/Inflation/Poverty.
(If you can fix this and Crime, Ticos will view you as a Saint)

#3. Water, potable running water 24/7 for all.
(Wtf! This one alone would triple your approval rating)

#4. Affordable Public Transportation/traffic.
(mafia taxistas can not be part of equation, need expanded bus, & rail services controlled by the public sector not private. Theres one single word you can use for Public Transportation in Costa Rica and that is CORRUPTION!)

To fix #1. & #2. All is Pura Vida!

Corruption in the public sector outweighs corruption in the private sector.

Inflation & Crime have boarded a runaway train called the Solís Express!

To blame on previous administration’s is not a fix.

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Solís has made history, his name will be used daily throughout Costa Rica by Ticos for years to come.

Instead of Ticos saying I’m going to the toilet, Ticos will say I’m going to solís!

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Presidency Minister Sergio Alfaro, may I suggest you open a window.

Solís has turned the Office of the Costa Rican Presidency into a Toilet, as I suggested open a window some fresh air may give you some perspective on the situation.

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