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Sanatorio Durán: Is this a picture of a ghost?

Our intrepid reporter recently visited the Sanatorio Durán, an abandoned old hospital outside Cartago said to be the most haunted place in Costa Rica.

After being thoroughly creeped out by the decaying buildings, broken-out windows and satanic graffiti, he chatted with a woman from Escazú who told him about all the ghost sightings reported here.

Later she sent him the above photo, insisting that when the picture was taken, the shadowy human figure in the background was not there. Is this a picture of a ghost?

Read the full story, if you dare, in Travel.

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Kent S. Kyle

I too remember those days of hard-nosed journalism. The Tico Times actually broke the first iran-contra rumblings back in the day, I think they are still doing ok today though…but I also want to add that I was at the sanatorio last year and despite being a skeptic myself, had a rather interesting experience. I was with a large group, ran ahead and when i went down some stairs into a dark area, was hit by freezing air, hairs stood on end, and then this strange woman in bizarre, frumpy clothes comes around the corner, pauses, looks me right in the eye with her own widened eyes and says “no se asusta…no se asusta” in a weird Argentinian or Uruguayan accent, turns around and goes into an even darker doorway. I run back up the stairs and the rest of the day I keep looking for her (we were the only car in the parking lot), never see her again, and just kept getting more freaked out as the day goes on. I didn’t really tell my group what had happened and the group decides to walk past the same spot (my hairs again standing on end), I ask my niece to shine her cell phone into the dark doorway…turns out it’s a tiny dead end room, with bars on the little window on the door. Never. Going. Back. By the way i’m a 40+ dude who doesn’t get freaked out easily.

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I have a haunting tale to tell.
I remember a time when the T-Times was a source for real day-to-day news in Costa Rica.

As unbelievable as my tale may sound it’s true.

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