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Nat Geo mini-series investigates Cody Dial's disappearance in Corcovado National Park

It has been almost two years since 27-year-old Alaska Native, Cody Dial went missing in Costa Rica’s remote Corcovado National Park but his disappearance remains a mystery. Now, a new documentary on the National Geographic Channel will try to uncover the reason behind Dial’s vanishing in a six-part mini-series.

Cody Dial, the son of famed Alaskan adventurer Roman Dial, had been hiking unauthorized trails in Corcovado when he went missing. A month-long Red Cross search as well as several rescue missions conducted by Dial’s father, turned up no sign of the hiker. On the off chance that his son had moved on for another hike after Corcovado, Roman Dial also conducted another search in Darien, Panama.

The documentary series, “Missing Dial,” follows Roman Dial’s eight-month search in Costa Rica, accompanied by private investigators. Among the theories for his disappearance, the show will examine the dark rumors swirling around the remote Osa Peninsula that Cody Dial was murdered.

“Missing Dial” will premiere Sunday, May 22 at 8 p.m. Costa Rica time on the National Geographic Channel. You can see a sneak preview here at Entertainment Weekly.

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Carson Ulrich

The show is not a reinactment, manufactured reality or scripted in any way. This is a docu-series, that followed our every action. We had no idea what we would encounter each day and knew the odds were against success. We brought hard-nosed criminal investigative work to find the answers that every family deserves who finds themselves in a similar nightmare.

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Michael Moore

The jungle is a dangerous place….and many people come here and think that…it is park so it is safe. It is not, any time you walk out in the jungle, your life is in danger. Many think that they are prepared, they have hike in the U.S. Hiking and camping does not prepare anyone for the dangers of the jungle. There any many thing in the Jungle that can kill you…and many that will eat your dead body..

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Karen McBride

My heart goes out to his parents and family. I hope with all my heart that this national geo series will lead to finding their beloved son and brother.

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