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Bernie Sanders ‘wins’ Costa Rica in Democrats Global Primary

U.S. voters living in Costa Rica came out in big numbers to support Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders in his quest to become the Democratic Party’s presidential nominee this week.

Sanders ran away with the Global Presidential Primary in Costa Rica this week, collecting 130 votes to Clinton’s 58, according to partial preliminary results reported by Democrats Abroad Costa Rica Chair Kathy Rothschild.

Martin O’Malley, who dropped out of the race after the Iowa caucus, got one vote.

In all, 189 people voted in person.

Rothschild said that these results only reflect those who voted in person at the five polling stations Democrats Abroad hosted in Costa Rica between “Super Tuesday” on March 1 and Saturday, March 5. Democratic voters living in Costa Rica who did not get a chance to vote in-person can still submit their ballots online or by mail until March 8. Click here for details.

Costa Rica ‘Feels the Bern’
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Votes collected will be sent to Berlin, Germany, the location of the Global Democratic Convention on May 14. Democrats Abroad will send a total of 21 delegates based on the results of primaries all over the world to the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia in July.

There is no in-country voting for Republican presidential candidates here but voters can cast absentee ballots in their home states. Voters should check their state’s rules for voter registration, deadlines to accept absentee ballots and whether party affiliation is required to participate in the primary. There is no absentee option for caucus states.

Tania Kaimowitz from Alajuela was part of the Sanders tsunami, voting at a polling station at Tin Jo restaurant Saturday afternoon. She said that Sanders was her candidate because he seemed more consistent in his positions than Clinton. Kaimowitz said she would support whoever was the Democratic nominee but said that Sanders was closer to her own views on several issues, from immigration to social welfare and opposition to war.

Kaimowitz said that she was “freaked out” at the idea of Donald Trump as president, “I wanted to come out and do my part.”

Democrats Abroad volunteer Vicki Skinner, who said she supports Sanders, decided to cast her vote in the Global Primary instead of in Florida, where she is registered. “Hillary has a big lead there,” she said, “I decided that my vote would have more impact here.”

Democrats Abroad Chair Kathy Rothschild said that this was the first time that the organization has hosted polling stations outside the San José Greater Metropolitan Area. The strong voter turnout outside the San José area surprised Rothschild.

“It was a gamble but I’m happy to take credit for it now,” Rothschild laughed. Reflecting on the high turnouts in Grecia, Pérez Zeledón and Quepos, Rothschild said that the organization needs to continue reaching out to other parts of the country, like Limón.

“San José isn’t the center of the world,” she said, “People were really grateful to be able to vote where they live and not have to come to San José.”

Rothschild said that in the coming months Democrats Abroad would host voter registration drives around the country for the general election and work to encourage the young people who came out to vote in the primary to participate more in the group’s meetings.

“We’ve had this surge of enthusiasm,” she said. “Now the trick is to see how we can capitalize on it.”

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IF the REP. had a place to Vote it would have been 5,000 for Trump. So Bernie and the GIVE AWAY FREEBE WOULD look like a speck in the Dust as so Hill Liar.
Come one Americans… you want more Taxes, corruption and give away free bees on your kids and grand kids future of DEBT for the REST OF THEIR LIVES…. NO NO

REP, has to make changes… we cant keep leaving our own people to help the rest of the world and our Vets on the street and the NONE working class that wants to sit home on their ASS while we get up and go to work or your kids go to work. Think about this real hard.

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Jeremy Lawrence

The republicans have never done anything to make the issue of homelessness better. In fact they consistently push legislation that makes the situation worse on those involved, including our vets. Republicans have voted against many many measures that would have helped the vets. They are no friend of those who have risked their lives to fight over sees in our wars. Soldiers lose their importance to the right as soon as they ship off to war.

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With over a 2 to 1 margin Sanders is showing (in Costa Rica at least) that establishment politics, pandering and money grubbing will no longer be tolerated by the average voter.

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Only if Ticos felt the same way, Solís would not be in office. Maybe if Ticos were aware, if local media would investigate Solís backdoor deal’s. Solís backdoor deal with Coca-Cola, amounted to Solís dropping his pants as a Presidential representation of the people of Costa Rica, while personally/selfishly benefiting. Coca-Cola’s objectives when negotiating with government entity’s are as follow, #1 water rights, #2 environmental rights, #3 labor rights, #4 taxes, & #5 property rights, all of wich are the lack of rights! Coca-Cola rewards handsomely, anyone who facilitates with it’s objectives. In February of 2015, “(Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent, left, meets with Costa Rican President Luis Guillermo Solís at Casa Presidencial on Feb. 4, 2015. (Courtesy Casa Presidencial))”, Solís selfishly pandering to Coca-Cola(Coca-Cola paying next to nothing, if anything for the enormous amounts of water used in the production of their products, not to mention the excessive amounts of water waisted do to their out dated, inefficient manufacturing process, & equipment), while Ticos feel the effects of soaring water prices. This does not take into account the environmental contamination created from their bi-waste.

0 0
0 0

I just hope that our President had in mind, when meeting Mr Muhart Kent, CEO of Coca Cola U.S.A, all those small producers and their families who really need this great opportunity to help take daily supplies to their homes. I also hope that the “possible visit” to Atlanta will definitly make COCA COLA expand its operations in Costa Rica, creating jobs during the process of expanssion and when they begin new operations, and incorporate those diverse producers mentioned in the article.
I would like to know if during the meeting they had the opportunity to mention how many small costa rican producers are they planning on hiring?
Who will set this “fair price”? Is it fair for the producers or is it fair for Coca Cola?
Will President Solis intervine in favor of our producers if the price is not fair for our countries interests?

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When Coke comes in you know that thing are very bad in Costa Rica. Coke is know for killing small producers and loves to buy land. I think its time that CR look at other models instead of begging the US corp to come into CR and pay nothing to workers.

0 0
?Was it consenual? “Did President Solis willing fully drop his panties, For the second in command of the KO cartel,” or was he forced against his will? Kent did not see it as insider trading, when he sold 100,000 shares of Coca-cola just before a profit warning (he was aware of prior to the sale) clipped the stock where he profited about $400,000. dollars he believed it was a legal way to obtain a fair price for his shares. See

So is it President Solís, or Minister Mora, that is going to represent Costa Rica by going to Atlanta and bend-over?

0 0
What Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent, Costa
Rican President Luis Guillermo Solís, & Foreign Trade Minister Alexander Mora, mean by a fair price is that they intend to use a condom!

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Prostitute Luis Guillermo Solís, offers up Costa Rica for personal gain, no different than a prostitute offers its body for financial gain.
Lack of respect for body, lack of respect for country.
“Prostitute Luis Guillermo Solís.”

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