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No shirt, no shoes, no hospital visiting privileges, says Costa Rican Supreme Court 

Walk down the street in any Costa Rican city and there will be some, well, interesting fashion choices. But it’s not the Navajo print leggings, tube tops or flat-billed, gold-studded New York Yankees cap that’s at issue here: The Costa Rican Supreme Court upheld a public hospital’s right to refuse a man entry because of his beachy attire.

The Costa Rican man, who was not named in the case summary, tried to enter San Rafael Hospital in Alajuela wearing a tank top and shorts. When a security guard turned him away at the door for violating the hospital’s dress code, he filed a complaint with the Constitutional Chamber of the Supreme Court, or Sala IV, saying that the guard abused his authority.

The complainant argued that the hospital, as part of the Costa Rican Social Security System, was a public building and did not have the right to limit his access based on his dress, and should remove the sign outside saying so.

The Sala IV was not impressed with the complainant’s “sun’s out, guns out” argument and upheld the hospital’s right to impose a public dress code so long as the rules are clearly posted and applied equally to all.

The Sala’s judges ruled that the dress code was not arbitrary or harmful to the complainant’s or other hospital users’ fundamental rights. The hospital can limit any “inappropriate clothing” like tank tops and shorts that could “threaten the order, hygiene or respect of those visiting the facilities or harm the image of the institution,” the judges ruled.

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Nilknarf ZR

This is bullshit. I’m Costa Rican living in the US. And it happens to me ones. Couldn’t visit a family member because I was wearing shots. While I was arguing with a not so smart guard, this beautiful Costa Rican girl walks through the door with a mini skirt that you can see hers micro g string underwear , (by the way guys, she was gourges

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Ken Morris

And the Sala IV issues another goofy ruling.

Odd is that the fellow who filed the case managed to get the guard to admit the reason for excluding him and otherwise have evidence.

The sad truth is that the public hospitals regularly ban visitors for all kinds of undisclosed reasons. The clerks usually say it’s because all the visitor’s passes are already checked out, although this is often a lie. What happens is therefore that prospective visitors end up borrowing passes from other visitors and gain access under the pretext that they’re visiting another patient they don’t even know.

At least in this case the excluded visitor was given a reason he could challenge.

Then, go figure, the court ruled against him.

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Daniel Bizier

As long as a guy is wearing a tank top and shorts it should be acceptable .
If shorts and tank tops are not acceptable on guys they should not be acceptable for girls?
Mini skirts should be banned too.
There should be no double standard.
I am pretty sure this attire is ok in the Private Hospitals.

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I agree, its bull. What humans have a right to declare what clothing is “respectable” and whats not? Unconscious animalistic behavior by a bunch of self-righteous aristocratic thumpers.

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