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Costa Rica surf squad wins Central American Games for 10th straight year

Make it a perfect 10 for the Costa Rica surf team.

In what’s become a virtual formality, Costa Rica won its 10th consecutive Central American surf championship on Sunday at the tournament on the beaches of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. The dominating team performance – in which six Tico riders earned first place honors out of nine total categories – was highlighted by Jacó’s Jason Torres and Pavones’ Leilani McGonagle, who won the men’s and women’s titles respectively.

The four other Costa Rican surfers who won their categories were Paola Duarte (girl’s under-18), Óscar Urbina (boy’s under-16), Rolando Herrera (men’s stand-up paddling), and Edith García (women’s stand-up paddling).

Costa Rica’s Leilani McGongale was crowned the Central America women’s surf champion on Dec. 6, 2015 at San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Costa Rican riders won six out of nine total categories.

Martin Bernetti/AFP

Costa Rica, which won the International Surfing Association’s world championship in June, is now 10-0 as a team at the Central American Games.

Twelve-time women’s national champion Lisbeth Vindas came in second place in the women’s category behind fellow world championship team member McGonagle, the decorated 16-year-old star who already ranks among the top women’s qualifiers in international surfing.

The country’s top two ranked surfers – Carlos “Cali” Muñoz and Noe Mar McGonagle – did not compete in the regional tournament as they finished up their seasons on the World Surf League circuit at the Vans World Cup. Torres is expected to join them in the qualifying series next season, after an impressive 2015 campaign that also included a national title.

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Mike Bob

I have some bad news for all you Jason Torres fans. I will hopefully help the sport out by letting people know that athletes and people that are in the public eye and are mentors for our youth, have a responsibility to be upstanding citizens. Jason Torres has a past that cannot and should not be overlooked in the surf world or any other world. I was taken advantage of and robbed by Jason. I was embarrassed by him at one of his events, when he got in my face and threatened me if I told anyone. I am a upstanding citizen with a big heart. I was hurt when this man took advantage of my kindness and made me feel like I was a nobody, especially in front of people. He will never be welcome in my world and I will tell all the other athletes and countries, that Costa Rica athletes are not the pura vida and down to earth good people like they say they are. Jason needs to be released from the team and put in counseling. I know he was a past cocaine user and had bad problems. he has tried to change his life, but as you can tell, some people don’t change. I know in every other sport, A athlete that cannot live up to the standards and is a bad example from others or has any felony crimes on his record, will be removed from competition. I plan on sending this to the surfing federation.

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