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PHOTOS: Costa Ricans march against climate change

Costa Rica joined more than 150 countries around the world that held marches against climate change this past weekend. A march in downtown San José gathered some 100 people on Sunday, a day before the inauguration of major climate change talks in Paris, officially called the 21st Conference of the Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, or COP21.

Members of different organizations, like the Central American Regional Association for Water and the Environment (ARCA) and cycling promotion group ChepeCletas, participated in the march.

“People from all over the world are getting together today, a day before COP21 starts, to tell world leaders that we want serious decisions and and real compromise to stop the planet’s temperature rise,” said ARCA director Jorge Mora Portuguez.

The march started in Parque España in San José, and ended at the University of Costa Rica.

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You miss the point, Hank.
Intentionally or not..
Of course, anyone can pick a specific thing and ask why aren’t they protesting that?
You could ask the same of protestors in Florida, I suppose — why aren’t they protesting the existence of the ice rink where the Florida Panthers hockey team plays, if for some reason you wanted to ridicule the ice hockey rink there, or Floridians..
Or you could pick any one of thousands of different single things, and ask why they aren’t protesting that one thing.
But this protest was, among other things, against ALL the things which might prevent action on climate change, not just the one you (or one particular protestor) want to pick on this particular day.

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Ken Morris

From the photos it looks like the cops could have issued a few dozen tickets to bicyclists for not wearing the mandatory reflective vests.

Mind, the bicyclists are plenty visible, even sensibly wearing the helmets also required by law, so it’s apparent that the law mandating reflective vests was just a silly anti-cycling and therefore anti-environmental provision passed by legislators who themselves drive cars and know nothing about bicycling.

Environmentalism starts at home, and Costa Rica could do a lot more to encourage bicycling than it does. At minimum, it shouldn’t pass boneheaded laws that discourage it, like those requiring unnecessary reflective vests,

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What a joke……so their worried (and apparently the editorial staff is as well) about climate change while celebrating having an outdoor ice skating rink in San Jose !!!??? Is the ice going to be imported ? No….well I wonder how much electricity it will take to freeze the water…..? But then water is an issue so where is it coming from ? Sounds like climate protests when convenient to me !

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