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In new Honduras massacre, three children among six dead

TEGUCIGALPA, Honduras — Attackers armed with guns and machetes killed at least six people — three of them children — on Saturday in Honduras in the third massacre in a week, police said.

The assailants burst into a home in the village of Nueva Frontera in the northwest of the country, police spokesman Leonel Sauceda said, with two others left wounded in the brutal attack.

Honduras, plagued by feuding street gangs and drug trafficking that helps feed the U.S. market, is rated one of the world’s most violent countries.

In the first massacre this week, suspected gang members in the northern city of Choloma killed eight bus drivers Tuesday for refusing to pay extortion money that gangs charge businesses and refer to as a “war tax.”

In the second mass killing, suspected gangsters killed seven people in a poor area of the capital Tegucigalpa. Police said the motive was to terrorize people in a district where the gang sells drugs.

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Tom Keeling

There are a number of countries who fuel the drug habits in the US. I don’t know of a lot of those countries who kill their own children in the process. Honduras just has a lot of gangs that need to be gone, as does Mexico, Nicaragua, El Salvador, et al. Fix the problem rather than the blame.

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Larry Kirkendall

You hit it on the head.

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जिम ओपन

Tom, in case you were wondering, Nicaragua has successfully dealt with the drug problem, and drug traffickers have NO airstrips to land in UNLIKE Costa Rica. Nicaragua also has a lower crime rate than even Costa Rica. You might want to do some research before randomly spewing off countries. Maybe ending the drug war and US influence in the region might help.

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