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Costa Rica sex promoter 'Cuba Dave' won't be making it home for the holidays this year

David Strecker, the 65-year-old U.S. man arrested in September under Costa Rica’s little-known “Sex Tourism Law,” will remain in preventive detention in a San José prison until at least Jan. 2, 2016, according to a court ruling handed down Monday in an appellate hearing.

Strecker, known widely by his nickname “Cuba Dave,” is the first person in the country’s history to be arrested under the 2013 law that calls for punishment of anyone who promotes or carries out programs that prop up Costa Rica as a destination for sexual tourism.

Tatiana Vargas, a spokeswoman for the Prosecutor’s Office, told The Tico Times that Strecker’s extended detention is a “preventive measure” to make sure he does not flee the country while the criminal investigation against him continues.

“The criminal case began after it was found that the suspect had made various Internet publications in which he apparently invited other North Americans to visit Costa Rica, indicating that the prostitution services are easy to acquire here,” Vargas said via email on Wednesday.

Under the moniker “Cuba Dave,” Strecker created a website that recounted his stories from his sex-fueled excursions in Costa Rica and other Latin American destinations, as well as pictures of women dressed in nothing more than bikinis who were apparently prostitutes, and videos in which Strecker would give advice to his followers on the best places to stay in San José.


A screenshot from an archived home page of The domain now serves as a fundraiser for Strecker’s legal defense funds.


In a 2012 article archived on the website, Strecker tells the story of how a Colombian girl named “Judy” persuaded him into going to Campo Alegre Resort in Curacao, a Caribbean island north of Venezuela. Strecker details in the blog entry, titled “Campo Alegre an adventure to forget about,” that his experience on the island was tainted by high hotel prices and women that didn’t meet his physical standards.

“When Judy was working I would walk the grounds and chat with the available girls and found that they were willing to perform for much less than the standard price but of the 120 advertised girls I probably seen a total of 40 girls and very few that were even a 5 or 6,” Strecker wrote.

On the first comment under the story, a commenter named Mavrick says, “Thanks for the heads up ill stay away from that one. I took your advice on CR and it was right so now im taking your advice on sosua. ill be down there the last week of this month. Hope to c you down there!”

Strecker is currently being held in San Sebastián prison, one of the country’s most overcrowded detention centers located just south of San José. At the hearing on Monday, Strecker’s attorney, Alfredo Núñez, told The Tico Times that he would not comment on the case.

In a possible criminal trial, Strecker could face four to eight years in jail, according to the previously untested law, which is filed under Article 162 bis of Costa Rica’s Human Trafficking Law.

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Hachi Ko

To expound further upon the subject of this article…

There is Absolutely Nothing in this article that implicates Cubadave in any alleged violation of the law in question, which, when translated into English, basically…

prohibits “making use of any medium to promote the country at the national and international level as a tourist destination accessible for the exploitation of sexual commerce or for the prostitution of persons of any sex or age”

However… None of the quotes or paraphrased statements in the article which are attributed to Cubadave actually “Promote” sex tourism, although Ms. Vargas asserts that he did so.

Here are the only other quotes or paraphrased statement in the article that I could find, which are attributed to Cubadave…


In a 2012 article archived on the website, Strecker tells the story of how a Colombian girl named “Judy” persuaded him into going to Campo Alegre Resort in Curacao, a Caribbean island north of Venezuela. Strecker details in the blog entry, titled “Campo Alegre an adventure to forget about,” that his experience on the island was tainted by high hotel prices and women that didn’t meet his physical standards.

“When Judy was working I would walk the grounds and chat with the available girls and found that they were willing to perform for much less than the standard price but of the 120 advertised girls I probably seen a total of 40 girls and very few that were even a 5 or 6,” Strecker wrote.


These are statements of experience and opinion. They are not statements involving any kind of promotion of any location as a “Sex Tourism” destination.

I think that the author of the article simply believes that Sex Tourism is Wrong, and that Cubadave is Evil, and that the author is simply trying to stab away at the concept of Sex Tourism, to paint it as an evil and reprehensible activity.

Even Costa Rica itself is not saying that Sex Tourism is Wrong. Costa Rica is simply saying, “Could you PLEASE not post on the Internet or any other widespread media that our entire country is just one big Whorehouse? Thanks So Much!”

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ALL THIS REMINDS US OF ANOTHER Cuban : MIGUEL RECAREY’s INDICTMENT FOR FRAUD TO THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT AND ESCAPING TO SPAIN FOR OVER A DECADE -In 1985, Jeb lobbied the federal government on behalf of Miami HMO owner Miguel Recarey to increase Recarey’s Medicare business ultimately to a total of $1 billion. The following year, Jeb received $75,000 from Recarey. Recarey, who had longstanding business ties to the late Florida Mafia boss Santos Trafficante, subsequently fled the U.S. under indictment, suspected of up to $100 million in Medicare fraud. Recarey was convicted on various charges, but he fled the country. More than 10 years later, Recarey remains on the FBI’s list of international fugitives wanted for fraud and bribery. BUSH AND CUBAN MIGUEL RECAREY HAVE A LONG PAST FRIENDHISP..!

The fact is Cuba before Fidel was very politically corrupted, racially segregated society were Blacks and ‘ Mulatos ‘ were discriminated against by an upper class wealthy white minority and less than 1% of the population controlled most of the land and wealth just like in present day Miami-Hialeah and Tampa. In fact the Cuban Communities in the US are the most RACIST when compare with other Latin Immigrants communities, that is a proven beyond any doubt , undeniable fact.

While it is true that approx. 60% of the Pre-Castro Cuba’s population was white, a very small percentage of those controlled all the economy and the corrupted governments, there was a very high unemployment rate and most people living outside the capital were in fact ILLITERATE.

Under the criminal and corrupt Fulgencio Batista ( EL Mulato FEO ) , the average Cuban never saw none of these wealth, the US Mafia funded airline companies to export cocaine. So Pre-Castro Cuba was NOT an ‘ economic paradise’ like the Cuban Exiles LIE about it for decades ! In fact the corrupt Batista government gave the U.N. and the other news media a lot of distorted, manipulated and magnified economic data and statistics for the purpose of attracting more tourists and investors, all a big economic LIE that the Cuban Exiles embellished to make themselves look good. They always like to deceive people into believing that they are ” very hard working ” while the other Latinos know that you don’t get a medal for that and therefore they don’t admire them because most Cubans in Exile are bigots and have double standards in the workplace and because of the DOUBLE STANDARDS in US Immigration laws. ( Source : ‘ La Vigilia Mambisa ‘ )

Cubans have a long and painful history of discrimination in the US :
Most of the Cuban Americans migrants in Miami / Hialeah discriminate other South and Central Americans of Indian heritage, and African Americans , and Cubans in S. FL. have always refer to the NW MIA Area as ‘ BARRIO de los NEGROS ‘ or ‘ Neighborhood of the Niggers ‘ , that is proof enough that racial discrimination existed in the island. In fact discrimination of blacks exists in the island today evident by the over hiring of white Cubans in the tourism industry. That is a well documented and undeniable fact and there are many witnesses including one that lived through it and confirmed these facts here in this forum.

The first major Drug Traffickers in South Florida were Cuban Americans that participated in the failed Bay of Pigs Invasion. The first ones to smuggle thousands of illegals across the Mexican Border and across the ocean were Cuban Americans and they are still involved as major smugglers.

The new generation Cubans born in the US like to discriminate and look down upon other Cubans ‘Balseros’ and ‘Marielitos’ that have an English language accent, while they themselves do not speak Spanish fluently or third grade Spanish and they are the only Latinos that do that ! they are very indifferent and ignorant about anything related to freedom in the island. That is why the Castro dictatorship has lasted for 50 years and is probably will last another 50 years, and this is why they are such UNPATRIOTIC PATHETIC COWARDS.

If you don’t like to read further watch this Video :

Now that Cuba has re-established the first banking relationship in the US, that ugly Ros-Lehtinen congress woman and their ignorant corrupt group must be feeling frustration and defeat because their political influence did NOT worked ! ( se metieron el rabo en el culo ! por ignorantes vendidos ) :

The Cubans in South FL are in a long time perpetual self serving delusion that they are going to return someday to a democratic US style Cuba when in fact they don’t even practice those ideals themselves in Miami-Hialeah but are corrupted to the bone and always deceiving the US public about their FALSE and FAKE patriotism, they always have a poor sorry excuse for not fighting for their homeland and they are in the illusion of recovering all the confiscated lands, properties and other assets taken by the Cuban government in the 1960s when in fact that will NEVER happen and is not even under current negotiations. Their failure to acknowledge the truth or to admit it into their consciousness, and used as a defense mechanism, therefore they’re living in denial.

They get legal status so easily because the Republicans know that as soon the Cuban Illegal immigrants can vote they will vote republican. Also if you buy anything from a Cuban business you can always get a discount by paying cash. They cheat on their taxes and the government does nothing about it, complete preferential treatment at the expense of US Taxpayers.

They keep crying and praying for decades in ‘ La Ermita de la Caridad Church ‘ en la ‘ Sawesera ‘ and in ‘ Rincon de San Lazaro ‘ in Hialeah ( La Chusmeria ), FL. and ‘ The Little Flower Church ‘ in Coral Gables without asking for forgiveness for all the sins , terrorism against civilians in Cuba and all the drug trafficking and other crimes and corrupted politics. They even have the audacity and self serving customs to keep a huge statute of San Lazaro or ‘ La Virgen ‘ inside their homes ! most of these Cubans are in drug trafficking and think that by doing this they will never go to jail.

It’s just a matter of sore false pride for ‘FAKE Cuban’ Sen. Marco Rubio and the rest of Cubans in exile, these Cubans love enjoying the wealth of the US, they would never returned to Cuba. The entire world approves lifting the embargo, the entire world has admired how tiny Cuba has stood to the ‘ big bad imperialistic wolf ‘ the US. The evil spirited, corrupted, materialistic, greedy, unpatriotic Cubans in exile have always made themselves look stupid.

They are in fact proven ,confirmed and certified PATHETIC COWARDS that SURRENDERED in 1961 Bay of Pigs invasion and later became drug traffickers and the greedy wealthy Cubans in exile have not been willing to take arms and die for their island like Jose Marti did, he was a true genuine patriot that as an intellectual and poet with very little military experience and personal wealth went to Cuba and die fighting, that is what the greedy, selfish wealthy Cubans living the good life with their excessive obsession with material wealth in Miami-Hialeah, should have done since the failed COWARDLY invasion in 1961 ! instead of posting LIES, personal THREATS and FALSE information online and talking useless Jose MARTI poems for the last 50 years !

Please use the comments to demonstrate your own ignorance, unfamiliarity with empirical data and lack of respect for historical knowledge. Be sure to create straw men and argue against things I have neither said nor implied or totally off the issue. If you could repeat previously discredited memes or steer the conversation into irrelevant, off topic discussions, it would be appreciated. Lastly, kindly forgo all civility in your discourse . . . you are, after all, anonymous and ignored.

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Hachi Ko

Mr. NSA…

First of all… How in Hell did this article’s comments turn into a dissertation about Cuba?

But… OK… I’ll Bite…

Just for Now, I’m going to speak as a completely objective outsider… a completely Neutral Observer…

Here’s what essentially happened in Cuba, in summary…

In 1959, the “Revolution”, led by Fidel Castro, took control of Cuba. The Revolution then proceded to nationalize almost everything in Cuba. A couple of months later, Fidel asked his Lieutenants, “Ummmm… Where did all of the guys that know how to run businesses and make money go?” Fidel’s Lieutenants answered, “Oh… Those guys? Well… They all got angry that you stole all of their stuff, and they left. Most of them are in Miami.”

Fidel then asked, “Well… Who do we have left that knows how to run all of these businesses and make money?” His Lieutenants answered, “We already told you, Fidel… You stole all of their stuff… They got angry… And then they Left Cuba…”

Fidel then asked, “So we don’t have ANYONE left in Cuba who knows how to run a business and make money?”

“Nope. Why would there be? If someone is successful at that kind of stuff, you’re just going to steal everything that they own, anyway. Oh! Or you could just throw them in prison… and call them… ummm… ‘Dissidents’!”


Sadly, also…

Most of the people in the USA don’t even understand WHY the USA is the only country in the world which still enforces an embargo against Cuba. And that is the real key to any discussion about U.S./Cuba relations… most of the people in the USA do not understand why the USA still enforces an embargo against Cuba.

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On the subject of Cubans ….and EXPOSING The REAL TRUTH ( complements of ‘La Vigilia Mambisa ‘ ) , here is Well Known, HARD Hidden TRUTH and Confirmed FACTS about Cuban MIGRANTS / ‘Balseros’ living in Mia-Hialeah-Tampa and New Jersey, MAXIMUN EXPOSURE ! for those that CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH, read all about it :

The undisputed, confirmed and documented established true fact is most of the Medicaid Fraud in Florida is done by Cuban Migrants and the killing of Horses for their meat ( EXTREME Animal Cruelty ! leaving the body of the horse , in pieces on the street or highway of Mia-Dade ), ILLEGAL Slaughterhouses where torturing of animals including horses, then selling the illegal meat on black market , stealing gasoline to sell in the black market ,the growing of marijuana in residential houses for illegal trafficking and credit card fraud, and auto insurance fraud and political corruption and escort service prostitution and ‘ BOLITA ‘ illegal bookmaking and gambling, human smuggling across the US borders and drug money laundering, SANTERIA dirty rituals ( Devil Worshipping and Ancient witchcraft ) all done and controlled exclusively more by Cubans than any other Latinos. They are also the worst speakers of the Spanish language among all Latinos. Other S. Americans look down and make fun of their Spanish language skills.

In Miami-Dade County, FL. where 20 percent of the population was born in Cuba, migrants from the island account for 80 percent of arrests for health care fraud; 78 percent of arrests for cargo theft; 60 percent of arrests for marijuana trafficking; and half the arrests for credit-card and insurance fraud, 40% of home invasions and 80% of ILLEGAL Migrants smuggling. On May 20 , 2015 a massive insurance fraud sweep that resulted in the arrests of 31 people, ALL Cubans most notably a Cuban American public adjuster already charged in another fraud case ! ( Source : ‘ La Vigilia Mambisa ‘ )

Three out of every five convicted smugglers are U.S. citizens and most are Cuban-Americans, according to an analysis by the newspaper of 3,254 federal trafficking convictions during 2013 and 2014 in federal courts in the southern stretches of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona and California. As many as 75,000 Cubans living in the United States have outstanding deportation orders, according to Immigration and Customs Enforcement. They include people who pose a very serious threat to national security or have serious and dangerous criminal convictions and are considered TOP priorities for immigration enforcement agents. Cuban Americans migrants behave like Low Life ILLEGALS, if it looks like a Turkey it is a Turkey ( Source : ‘ La Vigilia Mambisa ‘ )

Illegal human smuggling is BIG BUSINESS for ‘ Coyotes ‘ , the Mexican Sinaloa Drug Cartel and The Cuban Americans criminals that also smuggle thousands every week thru the So. FL shores and coastline, they charge $5,000 per each one and all they have to do is pick them up in Cuba and leave them near the coast of FL in a poorly constructed raft so that it makes the US public believe they crossed the 90 miles of ocean, in fact is a deception.

The politicians and city commissioners in South Florida are so corrupted that they don’t ask for Federal help to stop the thousands of Cuban ‘ Balseros ‘ illegally coming each and every week even when it has clearly become a crisis but because of the corruption, the Federal Gov. does NOT intervene and the local News Spanish Channels don’t report it as a major crisis and are misleading the Latino communities about the social implications !

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Hachi Ko

First of all… Just so that you know where I’m coming from… I am not a huge fan of Cubadave. I don’t like a lot of the stuff that he has done, and he has knowingly tested the limits of Costa Rican law. However… I don’t believe that Cubadave is an evil man. He is a relatively decent guy, with a lot of personal flaws, who has been traveling throughout Latin America for many, many years, for the primary purpose of meeting “working girls”. There are Tens of Thousands of travelers who live in the USA, Canada, and other countries who also do that.

On the other hand, as the article states, there is a major difference between Cubadave and those other guys… Cubadave operated (until he was arrested in Costa Rica) an Online Empire which took full advantage of his activities to provide tons of online information to other travelers who might be interested in indulging in activities similar to those of Cubadave.

Now… When I say “Online Empire”, you have to take that in the context of what an “Online Empire” involving traveling for the purpose of meeting “Working Girls” in Latin American would most likely involve. We’re not talking about an enterprise that would turn a profit of Millions of U.S. Dollars. We’re talking about something that might turn a profit that is barely in the mid-five-digit-range… if you’re lucky.

Now… all of a sudden… Cubadave is the most Evil Man in Costa Rica. Why?

Most likely… He irritated the wrong person. He has been doing the same thing that he was doing when he was arrested, for over a decade. The law under which he was arrested has been in effect for over 3 years. What? It took the Costa Rican government to do a Google Search and say, “What The… ?! What in the World is!”

So… Fast Forward to 3 years after the “Laura Law” was passed…

And NOW we have this…

A “Journalist” on Tico Times making such ground-breaking statements as…

1) “women dressed in nothing more than bikinis’

2) “who were apparently prostitutes” [ “APPARENTLY prostitutes?!” ]

3) “Strecker would give advice to his followers on the best places to stay in San José”



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