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Uruguay plan to sell pot at pharmacies slammed

MONTEVIDEO, Uruguay — Uruguayan pharmacies on Thursday criticized the government’s plan to allow the sale of marijuana for recreational use in their stores.

In an announcement last week, the government said cannabis will go on sale in pharmacies within eight months, following the granting of licenses to two companies to grow cannabis for commercial sale, in accordance with a 2013 law.

But pharmacies must “work for the health of the population,” and “the use of psychoactive substances for recreational use, whether legal or not, is detrimental to health,” the Chemistry and Pharmacy Association of Uruguay (AQFU) argued in a statement.

The newspaper El País said 120 pharmacies in the capital Montevideo are interested in selling marijuana.

But AQFU said pharmacies “do not sell other recreational substances like tobacco or alcohol” and called the policy contradictory to the tobacco and alcohol policies of President Tabaré Vázquez’s government.

The trade group demanded a review of the cannabis law, which is the first of its kind in the world and has sparked international media attention.

Uruguayans wishing to buy cannabis in pharmacies must register in a national database and will receive a card enabling them to purchase up to 40 grams per month, which they would be forbidden to resell.

The other initiatives in the 2013 law, allowing limited growth of cannabis plants for private use and of more as part of a “grow club” have already been implemented, and proponents see the implementation of the commercial sale provisions as overdue.

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Perhaps people in Uruguay can organize “POT LUCK” parties where they can donate their unused monthly 40 grams allowance of marijuana to the Pot Party and enjoy food and entertainment provided by other guests that have used up their monthly allowance. Maybe there will be lots of “Mile High” parties like this in the mountains. I personally use CBD cannabidoil oil which has no THC and no intoxicating effects but it does have medicinal benefits which you can google. I have various medical conditions that seem to be alleviated with CBD oil that i sometimes ingest orally or as a E-Vapor. I don’t recommend THC marijuana for young people that have not yet developed good work ethics because frequent marijuana use often leads to laziness and no motivation to work and more importantly reduced motivation coooperate with one’s co-workers on many kinds of complex projects. There is scientific evidence that shows THC abuse alters the Alpha waves in the brain. Some people naturally have a higher Alpha wave level and don’t need to elevate and other people have lower Alpha wave levels and may benefit from an occasional boost which can be done naturally without THC and it’s side effects. Please read the following article about Alpha waves which i copied from the web:
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Please do not let big pharmaceutical companies market their for dependency and profit drugs worldwide ! Their way of controlling us ! masking one ailment over another ! Hiding the real causes for poor health !

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Uh oh … they don’t like competition that takes profit away from existing sales of medications that cannabis can replace. This has nothing to do with public safety. Given a choice between medications having serious side effects or cannabis is a no-brainer.

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