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PHOTOS: Human rights office uses images to show the everyday side of poverty in Costa Rica

A new collaboration between the Ombudsman’s Office, Veritas University and the University of Costa Rica aims to personalize the plight of poverty faced by many Costa Ricans.

Eighty students from across Costa Rica participated in a photo course designed to explore the theme of poverty in everyday life. The photographs will be on display at the National Museum this weekend until Sunday, Sept. 27.

“This photography course aimed to help educate people about human rights. Poverty is a kind of exclusion that harms and mistreats a person’s dignity. What better way to show this than through images?” asked Ombudswoman Montserrat during the exhibit’s opening this week.

According to the latest State of the Nation report, 20.7 percent of Costa Ricans live in poverty and 6.4 percent live in extreme poverty.

See a selection of some of the winning photos below.

“In the happiest country on Earth”

Camila Trejos

“Cooking outdoors”

Cristian Cartin


Cristian Cartín

“Crime: When poverty reaches its limit”

Jéssica Vargas

“Without fire, without food, without peace”

Ricardo Araya

“After the Finca Tres eviction”

Ricaro Araya


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