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Costa Rica’s Imperial beer now available in Switzerland

Costa Rican company Florida Ice and Farm this month began marketing its most popular beer brand Imperial in Switzerland.

Earlier this month the company sent its first shipment of 17,000 bottles, which are currently being distributed to bars and restaurants in that country, according to a news release.

Swiss importer Introdrink is distributing Imperial in that country as part of its Premium or Specialty drinks portfolio.

“We want Imperial to be distributed on every continent and this is just the first step to sell it in Europe, a region with great opportunities for products like this,” Florida Ice and Farm’s director of corporate relations Gisela Sánchez said.

Imperial currently is also available in the U.S., Australia and China.

The company said it plans to start selling the famous Tico beer in other European countries and across the Americas in the coming months.

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Marilyn Ramirez

Cuales son los restaurantes o bares que estan ofreciendo Imperial en Suiza? Any names? Yo vivo en Basel y nunca vi Imperial en ningun menu

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Cary Shelstad

I hope Canada is next, “I’ll have a Silver!”

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Imperial is also cheaper in foreign countries than it is in Costa Rica. You can buy a 6 pack of Imperial in Los Angeles for $6.99 … In Costa Rica a 6 pack costs closer to $8. It’s the same racket with Tuna Fish here … Costa Rica businesses and government gouges its residents and citizens horribly.

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