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Flower export company relocates to Guatemala

Costa Rican flower company Flores de Exportación (Florexpo) announced in a public statement that it will move its operations to Guatemala in March 2016. The company will be dismissing all of its 400 employees in the coming months.

Company manager Fernando Altmann Weston said that complications with Costa Rican agencies regarding legal requirements and local regulations made the company’s owners decide to leave.

“It’s not just a cost issue,” Altmann said, adding praise for Costa Rica’s workforce. “It is a matter of excessive red tape and frequent delays by government agencies responsible for issuing permits.”

He said permits are quicker to get and valid for longer time periods in Guatemala.

The Costa Rican Chamber of Exporters (CADEXCO) lamented Florexpo’s decision in a public statement, confirming company exec’s problems with red tape.

The Cartago-based company will deliver its last shipment of unrooted cuttings from Costa Rica on April 1, 2016, which Altmann hopes will give employees enough time to find new jobs.

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Dan Gibson

Anyone or any company trying to do any sort of paperwork — business — in this country of corruption and thievery — has experienced what this company did — !!! After sitting in a couple of the SALA sessions — I would venture to guess the total IQ of the officials would be in the ”single digits” — that is — until they give consideration to ”their” pay raises —!!!

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I am not surprised they left. MOST newer large companies are pulling out of Costa Rica MOSTLY because just like we “lowly private ex pats” are CONTINUALLY used by Ticos to extort money via the Ministry of Labor. who has NO interest in our proof of their LIES .So we must pay up ..or have our homes “leaned on”

Ex Employees who seek us out and are LIARS who say they have worked for us MANY years, when in fact maybe a few weeks ..
THEY the ex “Employees ” , who walk off the job (supposed to be not able to claim ) just have to appear at the Monistry of Trabajar (A JOKE) where they can LIE at random and need NO PROOF nor no lawyer, as WE have to spend lots of money for , and even IF we have proof of signatures and other documents it does not eb=ven get a glance from the so called JUDGES”
WE are FORCED to obtain Lawyers when “Employees are NOT. AND the Lawyers warn us . after we pay a lot of cash in advance, that we will LOSE ” because judges automatic ally side with the “Poor little abused employees ” who are given by us free houseing AND utilities AND Salaries above the norm,
I have had to pay out Many $$$$ for NO REASON other than based on”employees Lies “on many occassions after living for 23 years
I live on a small pension BUT ONE “Judge who considers all Gringos MIllionaires had the nerve to tell me “PAY have more money than he does” REALLY??? on my pension of $800 per month half of which goes to the peon along with free house and utilities . THAT is also used AGAINST us They get MORE if WE GIVE MORE weird YES?
and why are we all leaving? HA.
MANY of us will no longer hire Ticos because of this common extor=rtion practice whereby =many of them make a “Killing just by telling lies .THIS should be STOPPED v=before the country goes completely DOEWN THE DRAIN,.,,I am NEXT in line to get the hell out of here PRONTO

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