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Rawlings lays off 200 employees at its Costa Rica apparel operation

Sporting goods manufacturer Rawlings Costa Rica is laying off 200 employees at its plant in Turrialba, east of Cartago province, the company’s local GM, Alejandro Cotter Penón, confirmed on Tuesday.

Cotter said the company’s apparel manufacturing division will move to El Salvador in coming weeks, and all Costa Rica workers from that production line will be let go.

The employees were notified last Thursday, and the layoffs will be completed by the second half of September. Rawlings operations in Costa Rica will drop from 650 workers to 450.

“Our top market is baseball and softball manufacturing, and these divisions will remain here. We will even boost that operation,” Cotter said. “Apparel manufacturing currently is a very competitive global market. Unfortunately, it is mostly dominated by Asian factories, and we can’t compete here. El Salvador has extensive local factories that produce yarn, fabric and all of the necessary materials, therefore costs are lower there.”

Cotter said Rawlings is working with the Costa Rican Investment Promotion Agency (CINDE) to help those workers find a new job.

“CINDE has helped us build a database of profiles of all workers, with all their skills and experience. We will help them relocate to companies in this area or in neighboring areas,” Cotter said.

Rawlings launched operations in Costa Rica in 1986, and last year exported 2.4 million baseballs and 300,000 softballs, Cotter said.

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Bruce Hubert

Costa Rica from an economic standpoint is done! The pura vida party is over. Puerto Rico and Greece are Costa Rica´s future.

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Noel Montagano

Please do not misuse the term “lay off”. Layoff suggests that the workers will be called back when conditions improve and is most used when a company has an obvious slow period. Workers are laid off but asked back at high season. These workers are being fired and the jobs lost permanently.

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Gerry Adams

The job loss in Costa Rica is getting out of control. 400 jobs lost in two days and i hear that HP is laying off staff everyday. Scotia bank purchased Citi bank so more layoff in banking very soon. Lots of Small business are closing in San Jose. I heard that CIMA hospital layed off some staff last week. IBM has layed off some staff but nobody is watching the guys in the TAX free zone. The public sector Unions are screwing up everythig with there high pay and lazy workers. ICE has a loss of a 100 million in three months and AYA and Recope have large losses. The only way to fix Costa Rica is a complete layoff and rehire of staff with lower wages and two year contracts. I am sorry to say this, Costa Rica is the next Greece and it going to get very bad. Expect IMF and World bank to pay a visit soon to Costa Rica.

Don´t forget that crime in Costa Rica is getting worse because people need JOBS.

Don´t forget that the CAJA pension has no money.
Costa Rica is now Greece.
Thank you PLN and all the political Parties for screw ing the people.

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Rick Drigo

This is what the unión members do not understand, outside of government the rest of us have to compete and be efficient. 200 from the 106 year-old Gallito Factory plus 200 from Rawlings, the local economy is on the brink, meanwhile the government “workers” demand more and more..all the while crying out for SOCIAL JUSTICE of course. Corrupted selfish minds is all they have..

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