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‘The Beast’: Costa Rica’s new crime-fighting machine

The Judicial Investigation Police’s Special Tactical Response Unit (SERT) has a new weapon, and its nickname is “The Beast,” or “La Bestia,” in Spanish.

The fully armored Beast will be used for special police operations, raids, emergency prisoner response activity and other dangerous situations.

SERT is an elite, highly trained police unit currently with 25 agents. They carry out up to 12 raids each month in dangerous situations and locations, where they sometimes draw gunfire from the bad guys.

With the acquisition, Costa Rica joins other police forces in Central America, Mexico and the United States that already have similar vehicles to protect law enforcement agents from high-powered weaponry, including AK-47s, which police say now are being used in Costa Rica.

The Beast, currently being modified for local use in the land of pura vida, will make its debut in the next few weeks, law enforcement officials say.

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Rick Drigo

When the only people with actual cash in the country are mostly expats due to exploding unemployment, it follows naturally that this type of vehicle will soon come in Handy.

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how many more important things could be done instead of this. If Costa Rica would not buy into the fear factor and the war games created by the US, then this would not be necessary.

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Dan Gibson

It would seem the ”land of Pura Vida” is losing a lot of it’s ”Pura Vida” ! This vehicle would never due for the Municipality police — it would have to be outfitted with at least ten cell phone chargers — seating for at least twenty ”officers” – and the innate ability to ”repair itself” — since –repairing a municipality police vehicle — is just ”not done” — !

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Bobby Garganese

it is sad that a peace loving country like CR actually needs this type of machine nowadays…

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Patrick Robert Dinino

Unfortunately not rpg proof should have bought a dartz asuv

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J-p A Maldonado

I assume its crew will be armed with assault screwdrivers…

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