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Referee who called last-minute penalty against Costa Rica admits he saw no foul

Walter López, the official who called a controversial 121st minute penalty on Costa Rica’s Roy Miller in La Sele‘s 1-0 Gold Cup quarterfinals loss to Mexico, admitted Thursday that there was no foul and said his linesman made a mistake in calling it. The yellow card rewarded Mexico with the game-clinching penalty kick after Uribe Peralta fell down in the box.

The Guatemalan referee told his home country’s newspaper Prensa Libre that he saw no penalty in real time and made the call because assistant ref Eric Boria, from the United States, yelled that it was a penalty.

“If he hadn’t told me to call it, I wouldn’t have penalized anyone,” López told the paper. “We’re a working team and I trust all my associates’ opinions. He is a good assistant, but was wrong like any other human can be.”

Last night, the secretary general of Costa Rica’s Football Federation (FEDEFUTBOL) sent a letter to the Confederation of North Central American and Caribbean Football’s (CONCACAF) executive committee requesting that López never referee another game in which La Sele is playing.

CONCACAF officials have received heat for bad calls and perceived bias following two more penalty calls in Mexico’s favor in Wednesday’s semifinals against a 10-man Panama team. López denied suspicions that his superiors put pressure on refs to make certain calls.

“We received training and they taught us to give our best effort but they never tell us who needs to win,” López told Prensa Libre. “They treat every national team very seriously. We referees are not pressured by authorities to make a call.”

Here is a clip of López’s call against Costa Rica that led to its knock out from the Gold Cup.

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Matthew Frederick

This is why they need instant replays to review on calls like this, just like almost every single other sport has now implemented to stop these bad calls from occuring as often, and being able to turn bad calls around. This would also cut out the excessive “fake” injuries the players waste time trying to get calls on.

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At the very least, CONCACAF needs to review its selection procedure for referees. There were two horrendous calls against La Sele that led to goals. I get that mistakes happen but too many match deciding mistakes were made this year.

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Chuck in Illinois

It’s soccer, who cares?

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