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Tico brewer avenges Trump comments on immigrants

While the fallout, and attention, from billionaire Donald Trump’s derogatory statements about Mexican immigrants continues, one Tico living in the United States is giving Trump the proverbial finger — in liquid form.

A few months back, Tico brewer Andrés Araya had agreed to produce a house beer for the bar at Trump’s Chicago hotel.

“It was an easy-drinking, summer golden ale,” Araya told The Tico Times in a phone interview. His Chicago brewery, 5 Rabbit Cervecería, finished making 60 barrels of it a few weeks before Trump announced his presidential candidacy.

When Araya got wind of Trump’s comments suggesting that most Mexican immigrants are drug traffickers and rapists, he talked to his wife and his Mexican business partner, Champi Garza, and they decided to pull out of the deal with the Trump bar.

“We didn’t want to do business with people who make those kinds of statements, which go against everything we believe,” Araya said.

Instead, 5 Rabbit took the remaining barrels and offered them to restaurants and bars around Chicago under a new, albeit informal, name: “(Spanish expletive starting with ‘C’) tu pelo,” in reference to the billionaire’s mop.

It was a hit; they found buyers in a matter of hours.

“The support has been overwhelming,” Araya said.

He attributed this, in part, to the fact that so many Latinos work in Chicago restaurants and bars.

“Latinos are the backbone of this industry,” he said.

Still, Araya said he would have had the same reaction if Trump had been talking about Japanese people or people from any other country.

“It’s just bad,” Araya said of Trump’s comments, “no matter who it was directed towards.”

The Donald hasn’t backed down from his comments, though he has clarified that he means immigrants who cross the border illegally — not all immigrants — are the ones causing problems.

At a speech in Las Vegas on Saturday, Trump brought a man on stage whose son was allegedly killed by an undocumented immigrant.

But even Trump’s own people are reportedly distancing themselves from his harsh rhetoric. The head of the Republican National Committee reportedly called Trump recently and asked him to tone it down, according to The Washington Post.

Or course, plenty of people agree with Trump. Araya said he and his brewery have received angry calls and emails, accusing them of supporting illegal immigration.

“We just ignore them,” he said.

In the meantime, if you’re in the Chicago area and want to try 5 Rabbit’s rebranded Trump beer, you better hurry up — Araya said they won’t be making another batch. And they certainly won’t be putting the beer’s revised name on any bottles.

“It was just a ridiculous insult to a ridiculous situation,” he said of the beer’s avenging nickname.

You can, however, buy a commemorative t-shirt. All profits will go to the International Latino Cultural Center of Chicago.

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An interesting story.
And nice to see a few people like the brewer will stand up to Trump and his kind.
For those like Mark who claim “statistics prove him to be absolutely correct,” please cite the credible statistics (which is not to be confused with inflammatory rhetoric, or unsupported claims).
And keep in mind what Trump actually said, not what he now is sort of claiming he said, which is a softer version of what he clumsily, and at times illogically, stated, which was:
. . . “the U.S. has become a dumping ground for everybody else’s problems. When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. . . . They’re not sending you (sic). They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us (sic). They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”
So, to be clear, he said only a few (“some, I assume”) are good people, but all except this ‘some’ (that he only “assumes” are good, so the jury is still out on those as well, I guess) are criminals, rapists, etc.
This may play well with those who enjoy getting jacked up on hatred and ridicule, but any thinking person can see why Trump’s comments should be, and have been, condemned.
And if we’re going to talk about ‘illegal immigrants’ who have ruined America, let’s go back to Columbus and those who followed, and those who stole part of Mexico. And thenwe could even talk about some of the many present day ‘illegal immigrants’ from our country who set up in Costa Rica, Panama, etc. while disrespecting immigration/tourist regulations.
But of course, that’s different, because that’s some of us.

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A Nation cannot prosper long when it only favors the Prosperous ! Barak Obama

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A Nation Cannot prosper for long ! When it only FAVORS the prosperous ! Barak Obama ! The 1 % and corporate dominance is selfishly wrong ! Stop capital dominance !

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Ape Man

Trump has NO ideas that merit consideration, unless you are a bigoted , white retiree who thinks the world has to revolve around them. Forget Trump, no one will vote for him but the brain dead. If you can’t tell a racist by his vicious insults, then you ought not even be allowed to vote…or at least be brave enough to admit you are a racist too, so we can avoid you in public. Costa Rica doesn’t need jingoistic, dumbed down racist retirees. We need decent, open-minded people who love life and want to make a better world.

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Chuck in Illinois

By the way Tico Times, way to be unbiased and just reporting the news.
Trump is catching on without your support. The American people are feed up with the lack of real reporting.
It’s time for the Silent Majority to speak up and be heard.

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Ape Man

You are not a majority except when compared to the old apathetic voting public. But ti looks like that may be coming to an end as surely as your age is coming to it’s proper and just end.The Vocal Majority will make your silence palpable by forming a new and better world than the crappy one built on greed, war, hatred and lies. Trump represents the deathknell of a generation of embittered and racist abusers, disgruntled by the passage of time and the changes that the new generations want to see in their world.

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Dan Gibson

I would say Araya and his ”Mexican partner” may be the losers in this choice! First off — anyone watching and listening to the actual statements Trump made — should never be threatened — whether you are Mexican or not — and — if the truth hurts !!! As for Trump and this ”major setback with his beverage sales” — doubt seriously if the beverage was being very well received — after all — sixty barrels is not that much — should have been gone in a couple of weeks — if it were ”that good”! Only a couple hundred ”other brewers” to take your place my friend — doubt if you will be missed — as for Trump — RUN DONALD RUN !!!!!

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Mark Kahle

“When Araya got wind of Trump’s comments suggesting that most Mexican immigrants are drug traffickers and rapists,….”

This is NOT what Trump said. This is a lie. Shame on you.

Trump was speaking solely of “illegal immigrants” and all statistics prove him to be absolutely correct.

That you support such tripe by reporting it as if fact is sad…very sad.

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Jill Replogle

This is textually what Trump said: “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best. They’re not sending you. They’re not sending you. They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists. And some, I assume, are good people.”

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You say you ignore negative comments; well you can only ignore the TRUTH so long.
Sometime the truth hurts! Let Mexico send us their best not our worse.
Pulling your beer out is a waste of your time.
Bravo and well said Don Trump!!!

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Chuck in Illinois

You should only be offended if you are a criminal, and by definition if you are in the Country outside of the Immigration System you are a Criminal.

I heard Trump in Phoenix, he has some very good ideas.
He spoke to a packed crowd with 1000’s still trying to get in.
He is making a lot of sense with his speech and is steamrolling to the top.
It’s nice hearing someone who is not bought and sponsored lobbyist unlike Clinton who owes “Everyone”


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Ape Man

Trump campaign lies about EVERYTHING. 4, 299 people attended his bogus rally in Phoenix and the campaign claimed it was 20,000…in a 4,200 seat capacity hall? Only dimwitted people would vote against their own interests and I know Chuck in Illinois is assuredly NOT a multi-millionaire. I pity you for thinking Trump would make a good president when he doesn’t even make for a good husband, businessman or human. Consider voting for Sen Bernie Sanders if you want to be represented.

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Join the discussion…Nicely said !!! Thank you for mention of Bernie Sanders and our values ! Our elder folks are getting older and afraid they wont be able to take their wealth to Heaven ! If that’s where they think they are going!

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Donald Waltz

Wow I am sure Trump is hurting because of some beer guy pulling out of his bar. Hell I never heard of it before so quite sure a lot of others haven’t either.

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