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Costa Rican held in 'deplorable' conditions in Nicaragua granted house arrest 

The Foreign Ministry announced Tuesday that a Costa Rican businessman arrested and held in “deplorable” conditions in Nicaragua for six weeks has been moved to house arrest.

Nicaraguan authorities arrested José Daniel Gil Trejos on May 26. Authorities said they were acting on an Interpol alert from Mexico to arrest Gil, who is wanted on fraud charges there.

Costa Rica claimed that Gil had been held in inhumane conditions that were not proportional to the fraud charge. Foreign Minister Manuel González accused Nicaragua of keeping Gil from seeing his lawyer and blocking consular services from the Costa Rican Embassy in Managua in violation of the Vienna Convention.

“We’re very pleased that the Supreme Court of Nicaragua has issued a resolution that grants house arrest for the Costa Rican Gil Trejos. We have given all the consular support that was possible, however, up until this moment we have only received silence on the part of Nicaraguan authorities,” González said in a statement.

According to the Foreign Ministry, Mexico has yet to request Gil’s extradition.

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Gerry Adams

This is so funny. Does the Costa Rican goverment look at there own jails? This Costa Rican is going to Mexico and there jails are some of the deplorable in the world. Let´s remenber that this Costa Rica commited the crime in Mexico and is wanted on an Interpol warrent this mean he did some bad shit in Mexico. I understand this guy GIL is really rich and made most of his money in Mexico maybe the Costa Rica goverment should look into where he made is money and did he pay all his taxes.

There are two faces to Costa Rica if you have moeny and if you have no money that´s how the Justice system works in Tico land and that´s how the political system works in Tico land.

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Donald Waltz

Another example of the hyprocrocy of Costa Rica, complaining that this “Business man” was held in deplorable conditions. I am sure Costa Rica’s jails and prisons are some of the cleanest and most humane in the entire world. Just looking out for one of their fellow corrupt buddies.

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