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Amazon expands Costa Rica operations

Amazon Costa Rica announced that it will hire 400 new employees for its support services centers in the provinces of San José and Heredia.

The U.S. online retail giant will be hiring staff for management positions in administration and human resources, and will be looking to recruit technical staff for customer service.

Candidates should be proficient in a second language including English, Portuguese, German, French or Italian.

“At Amazon we grow and hire all the time. We are happy to create jobs and we invite all interested candidates with excellent command of English or other languages ​​to come to our facilities or to apply online,” said General Manager of Amazon Costa Rica Alejandro Filloy.

Job interviews will be conducted at the company’s facilities on Calle Blancos, northeast of San José, where Amazon will hold a job fair on Thursday, July 9 from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Interested candidates also can apply online at:

Amazon Costa Rica currently employs some 2,500 people who provide technical and administrative support to customers and distributors in the U.S., Spain, Mexico and Brazil.

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Gerry Adams

I know so many people that have gone into Amazon and have not been hired. Amazon say they are expanding the facts are they paying very low wages in Costa Rica that is why they are in Costa Rica. Amazon has lots of money but does not pay its worker well. I know many people that work at Amazon and want a Union but when they went to Manager´s in Amazon they where fired and told they where going to be black listed for bring the Union Idea up. Its time for Companies like HP,IBM,Amazon and proctor and gamble be Unionized. Lets pay works a Living wage not a slave wage.

Owner of Amazon can afford to pay workers a Living wage
Jeff Bezos
Business magnate
Jeffrey Preston “Jeff” Bezos is an American business magnate and investor owner od Amazon
Nationality: American
Net worth: 34.7 billion USD (2015) Forbes
HP can afford to pay workers a living wage
Meg Whitman
Margaret Cushing “Meg” Whitman is an American business executive and political candidate. She is the chairwoman, president, and chief executive officer of Hewlett-Packard.
Net worth: 2.1 billion USD (2015) Forbes
Proctor and Gamble CEO
P&G CEO Lafley paid $19.5M. The majority of Lafley’s pay – more than 60 percent – was in company stock that will vest over time. Lafley was paid a $2 million salary, a $4.4 million bonus, $12.2 million in stock and $873,771 in other compensation.

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