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Costa Rica police chief accused of illegally detaining US expats subject to court-ordered restrictions

A Costa Rican court placed new restrictions on a recently retired Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ) chief accused of illegally detaining U.S. expats in the central Pacific town of Quepos , according to the Prosecutor’s Office.

The special court for financial crimes reversed a previous July 3 ruling that had exempted the former OIJ chief, surname Solano, and another suspect identified as Corrales from any mandated precautionary measures. Under the new ruling, Solano and Corrales must sign in with the prosecutor’s office every 15 days for the next six months, stay away from witnesses and victims, not interfere with the investigation, and maintain their current residences.

Both suspects remain out of jail.

The new measures were ordered just days before Solano retired.

Solano was arrested on June 17 under suspicion of illegally detaining three U.S. citizens in an apparent land dispute with an alleged drug trafficker, The Tico Times previously reported.

On May 8, Solano allegedly sent OIJ agents to arrest the three victims unlawfully. They were taken to the OIJ’s precinct in the central Pacific town of Quepos, where they were interrogated for 2 1/2 hours and released, OIJ Assistant Director Gerald Campos said.

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Larry Caldwell

Aloha when I lived in San Jose 91 and 92 things were not this bad I’m sorry to hear things have gone this far south for American ex-pats

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Gerry Adams

Where is the Justice from the OIJ mafia police that really control Costa Rica? Costa Rica is now under control of Corupt OIJ police and one of the most Corupt Justice ministry in the world.

Shame on the OIJ.

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Dan Gibson

An introduction into the officials in Costa Rica — 1. Coast Guard — CORRUPTION — 2. OIJ – Transito — Municipality police — CORRUPTION 3. Judges — attorneys — notaries — CORRUPTION — 4. Politicians — CORRUPTION — and so goes life in Latin America — !

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