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Costa Rica also tells Donald Trump: 'You're fired'

Like dominoes, major corporations, small companies, Miss Universe contestants, performers, co-hosts and others who have dealings with “The Donald” are telling him to buzz off following his recent racist rant while announcing his candidacy for president of the United States. Costa Rica has now joined that list.

On Wednesday night, television network Televisora de Costa Rica announced on its nightly news program that it would not broadcast the Miss Universe pageant unless Donald Trump retracted his statements and apologized, or resigned from the pageant. Telenoticias Channel 7 Director Ignacio Santos made the announcement on-air, adding that Costa Rica also would not send the winner of its upcoming Señorita Costa Rica pageant to participate in Miss Universe.

Teletica’s announcement followed one earlier in the day by Macy’s, which said it would end the Trump clothing line following the billionaire’s controversial remarks about Mexican immigrants. NBCUniversal announced on Monday that it also would no longer work with Donald Trump, including on his reality show “The Apprentice,” following Univision, which did so last Thursday.

The Donald really takes great photos.

Jeff Haynes/AFP

‘They’re rapists’

Last week, Trump said in a rambling, 45-minute speech that, “When Mexico sends its people, they’re not sending their best.” He added: “They’re sending people that have lots of problems, and they’re bringing those problems with us. They’re bringing drugs. They’re bringing crime. They’re rapists.”

On Tuesday, Bogotá canceled its candidacy to host the Miss Universe show and Mexico withdrew from the contest, which is popular in Latin America.

Miss Mexico, Wendolly Esparza — a brunette who studied journalism in the United States — said that when she felt that going to Miss Universe would “affect my values and the values of Mexicans, the best decision was not to participate.”

“The biggest crown for Mexico is its dignity,” she told Radio Formula.

In the brief statement, Telenoticias’ Santos said the following:

Televisora de Costa Rica has maintained a relationship of more than 40 years with … the Miss Universe pageant. For all of those decades the pageant has strived to unite the most diverse countries and cultures, it has carried out important humanitarian campaigns across the world, and it hasn’t marginalized a single contestant based on the color of her skin, her religion or her ideas. Because of this, we reject the xenophobic and offensive statements by the owner of the Miss Universe pageant against our Mexican brothers and sisters, and therefore, against all Latin Americans. The opinions of this man, Donald Trump, are completely contrary to the most basic principles of Costa Rican nationality – principles that also guide the daily work of every one of us at Channel 7. For that reason, Televisora de Costa Rica has decided not to broadcast the Miss Universe pageant. We will only reconsider our decision if Donald Trump retracts his comments immediately and apologizes for his inadmissible statements, or if he separates himself completely from the organization of the pageant. Televisora de Costa Rica also has decided not to send the winner of Señorita Costa Rica to the Miss Universe pageant.

Watch a video in Spanish of Telenoticia’s announcement:

AFP contributed to this report. 

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Chuck in Illinois

Trump is coming to Arizona this weekend, I can hardly wait to go support him..GO TRUMP 2016


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Donald Waltz

I agree with the guys saying Trump is just telling it like it is, the only problem is it is not just Mexicans, it is El Salvadorians(MS-13) and the rest of Upper Central America. I also read how Costa Ricans are so accepting of Nicas but treat them as third class citizens and hire them as maids and gardeners, ,paying then less than dirt but one guy on here complains about resorts paying low wages. Costa Ricans are and can be very hypocritical and judgemental on everyone but themselves. Costa Rica raise your minimum wage and pay those Nicas more .

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I suggest you judge yourselves accordingly as your actions will not be soon forgotten should Trump become our President…

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Costa Rica has, proportionally, more Nicas entering the country than the US has Mexicans, and does not handle this perfectly, but does discuss and handle it in a more civilized way.
And CR presidential candidates, in my memory, have not gone on TV and ranted about this in the inflammatory way Trump (and some other presidential candidates, to be fair) likes to do.
Donald Trump is a joke, and that’s putting it as positively as possible.
He has declared multiple bankruptcies in order to scam the system out of millions of dollars, and has ‘stolen’ more money than probably all the so-called ‘illegals’ combined.
And you can be sure any Costa Ricans Trump employs at ‘his’ CR resorts (which probably only licence the Trump name anyway) are low-paid maids, groundskeepers, etc., so the wage theft from these people profits the resort owner/operator and maybe in an indirect way, Trump.
If you support people like Trump so solidly, perhaps you should consider selling your home in CR and moving back to the US, instead of threatening Panama with your presence..

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J-p A Maldonado

CR has the right to accept or exclude anyone. Trump is a horse’s arse, but he still has the constitutional right to express his opinion WITHIN THE USA. He expressed the opinion that there is a high degree of criminality among the illegal aliens from México. I can vouch for that. During my fourteen years of volunteering to patrol for an Arizona sheriff’s posse and for a town marshal,. I kept a tally of percentages. Guess what? Eighty-six percent of the malefactors I helped interview (I am multilingual) transport, prosecute, try or arrest were Hispanic, mostly of Mexican heritage, and mostly illegal aliens.

As FatAlBore would say, “This is an inconvenient truth!”

Donald Trump is on target, but a pariah under the USSA’s socialist PC code.

0 0

J-P A MALDONADO, you twat, hate speech is not the same thing as an opinion. I called you a twat because it is my opinion, true, and it is not a big deal because it is validly directed at you personally.
If i were to claim that your entire family, society, culture, blood line or what have you, are twats, that would be racist or bigoted and also would qualify as hate speech which can foment aggression and discrimination and therefore is a removal of your rights and that of your “lineage”.
The other thing is that if any of you twats had any decency you would see how hard it is for these poor people who risk their lives and suffer such indignities and mistreatment and racist humiliation continuously just so they can clean your toilets or whatever so they can just make a living.
That somehow you can shit on these people so summarily is a testament to the need to correct not only mega twats like Donald Trump but also the micro twats like you and others that actively try to hurt people either through reinforcing racist and bigoted dialogue or worse, such as is what those minute men like you are all about.

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Emila M. Stevenson

WYCOBOY: I am from Panama and Panamanias don’t like racist ignorant people like you. Panama is a very diverse cosmopolitan country. We embrace different cultures while guarding our unique culture.

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I thought the Costa Rica people felt the same way about mexicans as Trump? I did not hear trump utter a single negative word against Costa Rica, yet the asshole says e wont allow the show to be seen in Costa Rica? I bet he is from mexico! If Costa Rica had the same problem the US as with illegals, coming into your country, killing people, having mexican drug gangs you would think a little different too…

Trump employs hundreds of Costa Ricans at his 3 resorts, YES… 3 resorts. He has absolute appreciation for the hard working people of Costa Rica.

I stand with Trump on his statements about Mexico. Do I need to sell my home in CR and move to Panama?

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Gabriel X Solís

If you stand with Trump on his statements, guess what? We don’t want you in Panamá either.

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Kaye Kirk

Nobody wants to go to nasty Panama. Just please don’t come to America

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Oh please do! It would be greatly appreciate it! You are probably one of those that give a bad name to americans, going around and thinking everyone is blessed with your presence in this country. No one bowed to you today? We don’t need this kind of people, people like you are the ones that Trump needs back in the US to make it great again, so please! Like john said, panama doesn’t need you either, please go back home!

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