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Job fair features companies seeking 1,500 employees

This year’s edition of ExpoEmpleo job fair will convene recruiters from 20 companies that will be offering approximately 1,500 new jobs from July 10-12 at the Antigua Aduana facilities, east of downtown San José.

Companies will be looking to hire people with diverse educational backgrounds and work experience, mainly for jobs in the services, trade and tourism sectors. Recruiters mostly will accept résumés in digital format, and some will interview applicants on site.

Available jobs range from technical to professional level posts in management, electronics, computer engineering and various administrative fields.

Participating companies will be looking for bilingual staff for jobs in Human Resources, Service Desk Analysis, Software Development and Customer Service, among others.

Entrance to the fair is ₡1,500 ($3), but organizers will be handing out free tickets to those who register via their website before July 10.

The fair also will host a parallel event called Expocarrera, an academic fair where visitors will find information about college, language and technical education programs, as well as scholarship and internship options from several universities and organizations.

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Gerry Adams

What a bunch of crap these job fairs are they charge 3 dollars to get into. I went to a job fair with a friend of mine and all they did is give there company email to people. Right now in Costa Rica there is 300,000+ people looking for work and well over 10% unemployment i guess 1.500 maybe jobs might help. I bet most of these outfits are not hiring people just a dog and pony show. Costa Rica is a real mess thanks to PLN party and there corupt people.

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