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PHOTOS: Event showcases vibrant women-led small businesses

On a warm, sunny morning, The Tico Times visited the Zoco Bazaar at Villa Maori in Santa Ana, where 50 women entrepreneurs had brought their products and enthusiasm to share with the public.

Organizers Rossana Modenesi, Gabriela Acosta, Isabel Hinestrosa, and Patty Esquetini were all over the place making sure everything was well organized and very excited about this edition of Zoco Bazaar, held June 4.

“All of us who are working here are mothers, so we are very excited! Our products are the results of what we do in our free time,” Acosta told The Tico Times.

Here are a few of the many gems featured, starting with, well, gems: Near the entrance was the small jewelry business called Arte Vetro Andreina. Made in Costa Rica by Andreina Castro Angelini, the pieces consist of fused glass mounted on sterling silver.

“My pieces are unique and I try not to repeat any design, style or shape,” Castro said. “I use different shades of greens and blues and land colors. Nature is my inspiration.”

At the Maracuyá stand, owner Andrea Pérez displayed necklaces inspired by a tropical concept and a creative beachwear line. Moshi Ltda., owned by Dinorah Graue, offers colorful accessories for both children and dogs, such as ribbon bows and crochet flowers in different colors, while Hindi Basics, owned by María Pía Esparragó, offers purses, pants, and cloths brought from Thailand. The beautiful patterns of these accessories were astounding.

El Bodegon Gourmet, a small business owned by Isabella De Din, prepares gourmet products, all handcrafted and made from scratch. Tapenade, antipasto, ham bread and paté are some of their delightful products – all organic and sourced from farmers in the mountains of Escazú and Santa Ana.

Bricks Learning Tools, owned by Patricia Molina, displayed unique furniture designed for children, including a small table with a built-in whiteboard for the children to draw on.

The women of Zoco Bazaar told The Tico Times they hope to organize another market soon at Villa Maori. Keep an eye on their Facebook page for more.

Adriá Natural Handmade Cosmetics owner Adriana García shows a handmade soap.

Alberto Font/The Tico times

Andreina Castro, makes jewellery with silver and glass.

Alberto Font/The Tico Times


María Pía Esparragó, owner of Hindi Basics.

Alberto Font/The Tico Times

Alberto Font/The Tico Times



Products from El Bodegón Gourmet.

Alberto Font/The Tico Times

Moshi accessories owner Dinorah Graue.

Alberto Font/The Tico Times

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