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VIDEO: Disfigured toucan awaits 3-D printed beak

Even today, Grecia the toucan is sociable and energetic. This is shocking, considering a group of assailants beat and mangled the toucan last January, permanently disfiguring him.

But thanks to animal sanctuary Zoo Ave and a team of engineers, Grecia could receive a prosthetic beak. Whatever the outcome, Grecia has sparked outrage and hope around the world. This is his story.

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Frank Castle

If they ever caught those animals who maimed this beautiful work of GOD, they should have them publicly shamed in the nearest Parque Central to where this crime occurred. I had the privilege of feeding a Toucan at the La Paz Waterfall Gardens a few years back. The Toucan was so gentle eating the fruit I offered him and he even nibbled on my ear.

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