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French tourist drowns during fishing tour in Costa Rica’s southern Pacific

A French tourist identified by Costa Rican officials as Aubers Nicolle, 49, died Sunday when the fishing boat he was on crashed into rocks near the Osa Peninsula in Costa Rica’s southern Pacific.

The man was traveling with four other people, including his wife, Lidie Nicolle, 48 and son, Antane Nicolle, 15. The wife and son sustained minor injuries.

The boat sailed from the port of Golfito at 5 a.m. for a sport fishing trip. At some point during the day, strong waves apparently threw the boat against the rocks and it began to sink.

The local Coast Guard office received an emergency call at around 1 p.m. and immediately sent two speedboats to attempt a rescue.

The other passengers on the boat were Cedric Lemarie, 48, and the boat’s captain, Eider Cortez Vega, 29. All survivors were taken to a local hospital in Golfito for full physical exams.

This is Costa Rica’s second fatal boating accident involving tourists this year. On Jan. 8, a catamaran transporting 106 people sank in high winds and rough seas off the coast of Punta Leona beach, in the Central Pacific. Three passengers died.

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Dan Gibson

This — so called ”Captain” should be put in jail!! Anyone who has ever been to Golfito and taken one of these ”pangas” out — knows — they absolutely ”cannot” stand rough seas!! No life jackets — no ship to shore radio — no GPS –no papers — nada nada nada — however — ”it is cheap”!
— in ”chasing the almighty colone” — this ”Captain” manages to kill one of his passengers — lucky he did not kill them all!

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Fernando Gerdano

If there was only some kind of jacket you could wear when you were in the water that could keep you afloat.

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