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3 arrested after rustling pigs into a car

It seems that there is no limit to what livestock thieves can fit in the trunk of a car.

Police arrested three suspected hog rustlers who managed to squeeze the animals into the trunk of their car Sunday, according to a statement from the Public Security Ministry. With three people already in the car, where else were the pigs going to fit?

Police drove the three little pigs all the way home to their owners.

The sow-stealing suspects were handed over to the local prosecutor’s office.

Hiding stolen animals in the trunk of a car, believe it or not, is not unheard of in Costa Rica. On March 19, police arrested two people driving a car with a mule in the trunk. In July 2014, police got into a shootout with suspects before finding a green sea turtle in the boot of their car. In 2005, a cow was riding in the backseat of an informal taxi.

Three pigs discovered in the truck of a car on Sunday, March 29, 2015.

Courtesy Public Security Ministry

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Marsha Hoskey Waddelow

I am sure these types of crimes definitely outweigh the bad ones we continue to hear about.
It is a shame we don’t hear about them more offer. Was really amusing and fun to share.

Living in Costa Rica is like living anywhere else in the world. You don’t go to unfamiliar places alone or after dark. You don’t leave valuables in your car (even your trunk) And, if you don’t have a car you take cabs after dark. You use common sense and go with your gut feeling if you feel something is wrong. You lock your doors, gates, etc. and keep things secured. Don’t you follow these rules wherever you live?

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