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Intel’s exit still affecting Costa Rica export figures

The total value of Costa Rica’s exports fell by 17.5 percent during the first two months of this year compared to the same period of 2014, the Foreign Trade Promotion Office (PROCOMER) reported this week.

The total number of exports dropped from $1.8 billion during January and February of 2014 to $1.5 billion during those months this year, the agency said.

“The decrease was expected following the decline in exports of electronic components,” PROCOMER stated in a report, likely referring to the closure of Intel’s microchip assembly plant here last year.

Sales of some other export products showed a decline during the last two months, but after excluding electronic components, the export sector overall grew 0.7 percent.

Foreign Trade Minister Alexander Mora Delgado said Thursday that it was normal for export figures to show short-term fluctuations.

“In order to identify real trade trends, we should wait for a longer period of evaluation,” he said.

Mora said he’s talked to several leaders of the export sector and most agree that results are normal considering recent drops in prices, market competition, adverse weather conditions and even delays in closing deals in futures markets.

Experts from the Foreign Trade Ministry (COMEX) remain optimistic. They believe the decline in the past few months “likely will be compensated in the final export figures for 2015, driven mostly by a growth in industrial and agricultural exports, and also by a strong growth in exports of services.”

According to PROCOMER’s report, other products that saw drops in sales include electrical cables, textiles, fruit juices and concentrates, palm oil, bananas, pineapple, milk, fish and yucca (cassava).

By contrast, medical devices continue to lead national exports and showed a considerable 49.5 percent growth in the first two months of 2015. Other products showing positive growth were TV and radio components, coffee, melon, ornamental plants and beef.

“Exports of goods are within the expected figures by both COMEX and PROCOMER, and hopefully, time will confirm the positive trend,” Mora said.

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When the Costa Rica goverment wakes up they will start to see Intel is overseen by US goverment and the US goverment buys the most computers from Intel so the CIA and US goverment decided to pull out of CR because they do not like PAC goverment that was coming into power. Intel sells over 220 million a year to US goverment and there brothers like CIA and NSA, that makes them the largest buyer in the world.

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Ben, I think your tin foil hat is on too tight because your conspiracy theories are completely disassociated from reality.

“Intel is overseen by US goverment” please provide proof.

“US goverment buys the most computers from Intel”. Intel does not make make computers, they make computers components. They are most famous for their microprocessors that go into computers. In the PC microprocessor market they own the lion’s share. So it would make sense that the computers that US government buys would have a Intel microprocessor in there because the rest of the world also buys computers with Intel microprocessors.

“US goverment decided to pull out of CR because they do not like PAC goverment that was coming into power” again you have no proof. Infact, the operations of Intel that was relocated, was relocated to Vietnam; a communist country that the US was at war with just a little over 40 years ago. If it were true that the US disliked the new government of Costa Rica then why would the US move operations to a communist country?? Even on the false basis of Intel being controlled by the US government your argument is far fetched.

“Intel sells over 220 million a year to US goverment and there brothers like CIA and NSA, that makes them the largest buyer in the world” this point is completely irrelevant to your argument since the rest of your points are just pure conspiracy.

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In your world the US goverment is honest and beautiful. Hear are a few Books to read to open your eyes

1. Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

2.The Secret History of the American Empire

3.Open Veins of Latin America: Five Centuries of the Pillage of a Continent

4.America’s Deadliest Export: Democracy – The Truth about US Foreign Policy and Everything Else

Read these books you might learn something. Intel and HP are mentioned in a few of these books. By the way all of these books are top sellers in Latin America. I hope these books open your eyes to the truth about the US goverment and there policy in the world.

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Ben, none of those books mention Intel nor HP. Where do you get your information? Also if Intel is an evil corporation overseen by the CIA and NSA to punish Costa Rica why would then open a mega lab in Costa Rica and hire 350 ticos??


The move by Intel was only motivated by economics. It is cheaper to assemble the chips elsewhere but research in Costa Rica makes sense. That is why they hired ticos for the mega lab.


There is no conspiracy.

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