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Regulatory Authority approves reduction in electricity rates

The Public Services Regulatory Authority (ARESEP) approved reductions in electricity rates ranging from 7 to 15 percent starting April 1. The new rates will remain in place at least until June.

Lower rates will benefit some 1.5 million industrial, commercial and residential customers covered by eight utility companies.

In approving the rates, ARESEP took into consideration a substancial reduction in thermal generation costs, plus recent drops in prices recorded in the international fuel market.

Use of fossil fuels to generate electricity significantly dropped during November-January, allowing companies to lower production costs, the Regulatory Authority reported.

The reduction in tariffs will vary according to the utility company. Customers of the Public Services Company of Heredia will benefit most: their rates will decrease by 15 percent.

On the flip side, residents in the northern region, served by Coopelesca, will only see an 8 percent decrease in their monthly rates.

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So, let me see if I have this straight:
Posters express anger when Costa Rican electricity rates go up.
And they are also express anger when Costa Rican electricity rates will go down.
Whatever could be the real source of their anger?

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This is a decent Start, There is still alot of fat that could be trimmed. Costa Rica is about 80% renewable energy. We have actually hit a milestone and powered the entire country on just renewable energy for 75 days. However the price for it is very expensive and will likely climb higher with the new power generation projects. I am wondering how long it will take until the people will see relief on prices. 12 percent for ICE? Not a bad start but I don’t see it lasting. How about cutting the import taxes on buying solar panels for your homes. If the government was so adamant about going carbon neutral I would think that would be the way. If people could access wind and solar systems from the states without paying the high taxes to import you would decrease demand from the larger plants and thus create more affordable energy. Just imagine if a large majority of homes had a simple 2kwh solar system and they were all tied to the grid. Her in Costa rica it’s very possible to make at least 11kwh per day with a unit that size. That can nearly cut one third of your kwh used while running 5 split unit A/C maintaining a temp of about 26. Costa Rica is in a position to make enormous strides in both becoming eco friendly, rebuilding the middle class by creating jobs as well as housing the poor and creating opportunities for them to succeed. We just need our elected government to fight for the people and not for the colon!

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Sooner or later the truth about Costa Rica’s exorbitant electric rates is bound to be exposed.

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Dan Gibson

ICE has been mistreating the Costa Rican families for so long — they think — this is just the way things are done! I wonder when ICE will get around to bringing the ”gringo” rates down little closer to the ”tico” rates??? Costa Rica’s per kilowatt hour rate is third only to two other countries in the entire world — you have to wonder —

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