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Venezuela to demand mandatory visas for US citizens

CARACAS, Venezuela – Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro announced Saturday he is implementing a mandatory visa system for all U.S. citizens visiting the country as a way to “control” U.S. interference.

The leftist president also ordered a review and reduction of U.S. diplomatic staff in Caracas.

“In order to protect our country, … I have decided to implement a system of compulsory visas for all Americans entering Venezuela,” he told supporters.

In a fiery speech outside the Miraflores presidential palace, Maduro noted that the United States has a 100-member diplomatic staff in Caracas, compared to Venezuela’s 17 diplomats in Washington.

Maduro cited the Vienna Convention’s principle of the equality of states concerning the size of respective diplomatic missions.

Additionally, Maduro singled out several U.S. political figures as being unable to come to Venezuela because his government considered them “terrorists.”

“A group of U.S. political leaders who have violated human rights in bombing” countries like Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan “will not be able to enter Venezuela because they are terrorists,” Maduro said.

Maduro cited former President George W. Bush and his Vice President Dick Cheney, as well as Democratic Senator Bob Menendez and his Republican colleague Marco Rubio.

Maduro said the visa decision was made after the capture of a U.S. pilot of Latin American origin in the western state of Tachira suspected of carrying out “covert” espionage activities. He did not provide additional details.

Since Maduro’s predecessor Hugo Chávez came to power in 1999, repeatedly criticizing U.S. “imperialist” policy, Washington and Caracas have been at diplomatic odds.

They withdrew their ambassadors from each other’s country in 2010, and Venezuela has expelled several U.S. diplomats under Maduro.

In December, the U.S. imposed sanctions on senior Venezuelan officials accused of violating the rights of protesters during anti-government demonstrations at the start of 2014.

Maduro also warned that the U.S. mission must alert and receive authorization from the local government for any meeting held by U.S. diplomats in Venezuela.

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When can i get a visa fair is fair all US citizens should have get Visa to go to any Latin America Country. The US goverment asks all Latin Americans to get a Visa to go to the USA or visit then all US citizens should have to get a Visa to visit Central America or South America. Fair is Fair the US goverment has treated so many countries unfair. Justice served.

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Jim Obert

Except Chile, which is now part of the visa waiver program.

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Its funny that US citizens think they can do what ever they want in the world. Why do US citizens think they are better than the rest of the world? The fact is The US goverment hates any other goverment tell them anything. GO ahead Venezuela demand Visa from the US and kick those dam CIA,NSA and DEA out of your country i wish many Latin American countries would be tougher with USA.

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Donald Waltz

I agree, make US residents get VISA’s. The US should just get out of Latin America all together and build a huge wall keeping all the people from Latin America out,let them have all their corruption and killings to themselves. As an American,who cares about countries that can’t even maintain simple necessities like a well trained police force,well maintained roads or any basic necessities. They are somewhat nice places to visit but who the hell wants to live there except US child Molesters, hippies and drug users, other than that we come to these places to just blow our excess money and get back to the greatest country in the world that most Latin American’s are dying to get to. lol

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Jim Obert

You are quite ignorant. Many Latin American countries are quite ok. There are about 2 dozen to choose from, some are quite frankly first world, or growing rapidly. it is ilk like you that make me embarrassed to share the same passport, and not by choice. Stay away and enjoy the police state the US is marching, unmolested to achieving. Hope you are trapped. Yours truly, a law abiding expat that does not want to live in a plutocracy, like the US.

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