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European tourist dies in Corcovado National Park

Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ) confirmed to The Tico Times that a European tourist died of an apparent heart attack while hiking in the remote Corcovado National Park in the southwestern Osa Peninsula Sunday afternoon.

Due to the remote location of the accident, authorities have yet to take possession of the body and identify the deceased’s nationality, according to OIJ press representative Marco Monge. Monge added that at this time the individual is thought to be from Europe.

The daily La Nación reported that the tourist was hiking in the park with a guide from the Los Patos station to La Sirena when he collapsed.

Corcovado is the crown jewel of Costa Rica’s national parks and contains three percent of the world’s biodiversity.

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Costa Rica is a breeding ground for crime, corruption, and murder. The police are neither equipped or qualified to handle the surge in crime. Yeah, it’s a dangerous place. Even paradise, like a ripe banana can spoil. I feel sorry for the people that have moved here, invested their life’s savings, and now can’t walk out of their front door without fear of being robbed or murdered. I feel sorry for the poor nationals too. It’s like being a prisoner in paradise. If you want to enjoy it, make sure you carry a big stick, look over your shoulder, watch your back, surround your house with razor wire, get a few Pit Bulls, Dobermans… and don’t expect much help from the police.

Costa Rica has become a destination for criminals because there is no policing here, overcrowded jails, the government can’t get it’s act together because the money has been diverted into the greedy politicians hands that use it to enrich their own lives and not the country’s. The country is literally falling apart. Yes, it’s still a biodiverse paradise, and the seeds that are being sowed here by the criminals are growing fast because the soil is rich and harvesting is very very easy.

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Rodrigo U

The way things are now, CR is making and protecting a beautiful garden, with lush vegetation and the awesome biodiversity which will benefit and be enjoyed mostly by NARCS. Decent campesinos are being left with no further option than working for these mainly SouthAmerican groups. They have been buying up land in the Peninsula, apparently nobody cares as long as the crop is green and natural-looking.

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Come to CR and visit you could get kidnapped like Ryan Piercy the Canadian or get killed on a boat like the three people off the coast of Tortuga Island. I have know so many Tourist that have been robbed and hurt in CR. Don´t come to CR because CR is just BS its to expensive and to dam dangerous and now its a failed state or just a stupied useless country.

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