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Coca-Cola CEO meets with Costa Rica president on expansion plans

President Luis Guillermo Solís and Muhtar Kent, CEO of U.S. soft-drink giant Coca-Cola, met at Casa Presidencial Wednesday morning to discuss the company’s expansion here and an initiative to incorporate more diverse producers into the company’s supply chain.

Foreign Trade Minister Alexander Mora told reporters after the meeting that the company would expand a citrus juice facility in Costa Rica, and that talks would start next week to start to incorporate small producers and women producers in Guanacaste or the Northern Zone into Coke’s global supply chain at a “fair” price.

Mora noted that discussions also took place about adding Costa Rican coffee to the company’s offerings, such as Café Blak.

Coca-Cola employs more than 2,000 people in Costa Rica. Despite Coca-Cola’s decision to lay off between 1,600 and 1,800 people in the United States and internationally in January, Mora said the company is looking to grow its operations here.

Besides the company’s eponymous soda, Coca-Cola also produces Fresca, Minute Maid, Jugos del Valle and Odawalla, among others.

The trade minister added that a possible visit to the Atlanta headquarters of the soft drink giant is in the works for Solís.

AFP contributed to this report.

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Prostitute Luis Guillermo Solís, offers up Costa Rica for personal gain, no different than a prostitute offers its body for financial gain.
Lack of respect for body, lack of respect for country.
“Prostitute Luis Guillermo Solís.”

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What Coca-Cola CEO Muhtar Kent, Costa
Rican President Luis Guillermo Solís, & Foreign Trade Minister Alexander Mora, mean by a fair price is that they intend to use a condom!

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?Was it consenual? “Did President Solis willing fully drop his panties, For the second in command of the KO cartel,” or was he forced against his will? Kent did not see it as insider trading, when he sold 100,000 shares of Coca-cola just before a profit warning (he was aware of prior to the sale) clipped the stock where he profited about $400,000. dollars he believed it was a legal way to obtain a fair price for his shares. See

So is it President Solís, or Minister Mora, that is going to represent Costa Rica by going to Atlanta and bend-over?

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When Coke comes in you know that thing are very bad in Costa Rica. Coke is know for killing small producers and loves to buy land. I think its time that CR look at other models instead of begging the US corp to come into CR and pay nothing to workers.

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Federico Castro

I just hope that our President had in mind, when meeting Mr Muhart Kent, CEO of Coca Cola U.S.A, all those small producers and their families who really need this great opportunity to help take daily supplies to their homes. I also hope that the “possible visit” to Atlanta will definitly make COCA COLA expand its operations in Costa Rica, creating jobs during the process of expanssion and when they begin new operations, and incorporate those diverse producers mentioned in the article.
I would like to know if during the meeting they had the opportunity to mention how many small costa rican producers are they planning on hiring?
Who will set this “fair price”? Is it fair for the producers or is it fair for Coca Cola?
Will President Solis intervine in favor of our producers if the price is not fair for our countries interests?

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