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Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro blows off CELAC hotel reservation and sleeps in Nicaragua

Venezuela President Nicolás Maduro really didn’t want to come to Costa Rica for the third annual Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC). Maduro seemed to treat the meeting of 33 countries as a party that he was obliged to attend.

First, the Venezuelan president dropped an accusation that a “terrorist group” was lying in wait for him in Costa Rica. He ended up flying in regardless. Costa Rican Foreign Minister Manuel González and intelligence agency director Mariano Figueres said there was no viable threat to the oil-rich country’s leader, and his security was “not in doubt.”

When the summit broke for recess Wednesday, Maduro did not return to the floor of the Marriott Belén, near the Centro de Eventos Predregal, that he had reportedly rented for the summit. Instead, the Venezuelan president hopped on a plane and spent the night in Nicaragua, reported the daily La Nación and the news website

We’ve all had a night like that, right? You’re supposed to head back to your hotel after palling around all night and just end up, you know, flying to Nicaragua and crashing there. ¿Así quién no? After Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega was chastised for breaking CELAC protocol by inviting Puerto Rican independence advocate Rubén Berríos to speak during Ortega’s time in the plenary session, maybe he needed a friend. Either that or he was really worried about that terrorist cell.

Maduro then tried to sneak back into Costa Rica before the Thursday session of the CELAC summit started. La Nación reported that Maduro’s security detail tried to hide the fact that he had left the country, blocking reporters from photographing him exiting the plane.There was no record on file showing that Maduro had left the country, but the Immigration Administration confirmed the exit to local media.

Ortega just “couldn’t even” and stayed home Thursday.

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Otton Bexaron

Ruben Berrios is the elected leader of Puerto Rico’s Independist Party. He has a degree from Oxford – if I remember. He is highly respected by ALL “boricuas” (like “ticos” for CR). Puerto Rico was a colony of Spain until 1898, when it was taken by the USA along with Cuba and the Phillipines. The U.S landed troops in Puerto Rico but after some resistance the Spanish surrendered. Puerto Rico remained governed by U.S. officials until mid-20the century, and then was allowed to manage its own internal administration under the title COMMONWEALTH OF PUERTO RICO and somewhat more impressive in Spanish as ESTADO LIBRE ASOCIADO. Since 1917 (under threat of German marine activities in the Caribbean) the “boricuas” have the second rate U.S. citizenship known as “statutory citizenship” – meaning U.S. Congess can revoke it, while all born in the 50 U.S. states have the permanent “constitutional citizenship”. “Boricuas” born and living on the island, although U.S. citizens cannot for U.S. Congress or President : 5 million U.S. “statutory citizens” living in the Caribbean and Pacific territories of the USA: Virgin Islands, Guam, Northern Marianas, American Samoa, CANNOT vote for President or U.S. Congess while not risiding in the 50 U.S. States. What then is Puerto Rico: U.S. Supreme Courts ruling : “Puerto Rico is appurtenant to, but not part of the United States”. Since 1898 all “boricuas” have resisted the implantation of the English language, and Puerto Rico remains a cultural and linguistic partner of the “Hispanic world”. Ruben Berrios “Partido Independista” is one of several parties in Puerto Rico that stand for independence. Until 1992 the FBI used the police in Puerto Rico to note all those who had the Puerto Rico flag emblem on the car: The FBI had by 1992 a file of 200,000 “boricuas”. See the video titled : “verde luz ruben” !!!

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