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Canadian longtime expat goes missing in Costa Rica under 'strange' circumstances

Update, Sat. Jan 24, 1:40 p.m.:

Four days have passed since the “strange” disappearance of well-known Canadian expat and nationalized Costa Rican Ryan Piercy, 45, and police, family members and colleagues continue to maintain guarded silence over the case. In one of few public comments on the investigation, Judicial Investigation Police Director Francisco Segura told Channel 7’s Telenoticias on Thursday:

We’ve got to wait to see what we get out of the interviews with relatives. … We don’t know if he disappeared alone, or if he was disappeared. … Those are questions that happen in reality. … The fact that the vehicle appeared abandoned could have been any of a number of things. However, the OIJ is investigating.

The Tico Times will update this story as soon as any new developments emerge. If you have any information to share about Ryan or the case, please write to Tico Times editor David Boddiger at

Original story continues here:

Judicial Investigation Police (OIJ) and the Canadian Embassy in San José confirmed to The Tico Times that they are investigating the disappearance of a Canadian citizen who was last seen on Tuesday.

Police discovered an abandoned car with its doors open on the side of the road along Route 32 Tuesday evening. The car is registered to the missing man, Ryan Piercy, 45, OIJ Director Francisco Segura said Wednesday morning. Piercy’s wife told police that her husband left for work in the morning but that she hadn’t been able to contact him since.

Segura called the disappearance “extremely strange.”

On Jan. 21, 2015, Costa Rican police search the area where Canadian expat Ryan Piercy’s abandoned car was discovered.

The Tico Times

Piercy, a businessman, is a Canadian native and nationalized Costa Rican. He also is manager at the Association of Residents of Costa Rica, an organization that aids expats in the residency process here. He had no police record, the OIJ director added.

Michael Martin, a representative of the Canadian Embassy in San José’s political and economic section, said that the embassy is in contact with Piercy’s family to offer consular assistance and act as a liaison with local authorities to help obtain information on the case. Martin would not supply additional details, citing the Canadian Privacy Act.

This story is developing. Follow for updates.

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Praying for Ryan. It would be greatif Ticotimes had an update for ARCR folks.

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How bizarre the other media (or you in the title) isn’t playing up on the fact that he is the manager of ARCR since he is a very prominent person in the ExPat community that many like & would be happy to help with a search (if it wasn’t a kidnapping). Heck, some may even have some “information” to pass on.
The headline makes it sound like just another one of the many gringo’s that have just disappeared in CR never to be found again.
I almost didn’t read the story because I’m busy this morning & just assumed what I wrote.

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Your right the media is doing nothing to help. Ryan helped so many in Costa Rica and the media is saying very little. The Canadian goverment should be yelling at the Costa Rican goverment Ryan helped business and so many expats. I hope they find him he was good for CR to bad the media and the Costa Rican goverment does not know. Ryan also help Costa Ricans so maybe the Costa Rican goverment can get off there ass before Canada closes the door just heard that House of commons in Canada is very upset maybe that would put some heat under CR goverment.

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This is such a sad story Ryan was a great person and help so many in Costa Rica. We need to know what happened the Police in Costa Rica should make this top issue to solve what happened to Ryan.

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This is very sad story and i know Ryan through our mutual friend Robert. Robert is back in Toronto now, and he was also living in Costarica and he was just robbed over a gun point and he lost all belonging as all his house with furniture and belongings were taken from him. It is very suspicious that both Robert and Ryan were attacked and Ryan was kidnapped and they want payments in half million Bitcoin s . It is very fishy situation and i think these are Cia and Fbi agents who want to destroy the Bitcoin and in same time illegally want to be payed with ransom money in Bitcoin .Robert told me that he is very worried about his friend and what happened to him in peacefull haven of Costarica…

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Geegee Morgan Beatty

To bad the Police don’t really try to solve Crimes here in C.Rica.
” Just go robbed in the house OF computers and phones. I tracked the robbers by my other phone on the GPS and know right where they were. Called the Police and they REFUSED TO GO OUT AND ARREST THEM. Refused. What kind of protection do we have here in C.R. NONE.”

They ride around 3/4 in a car with guns…. What good are they? Waste gas and a good police car. Government has to wake up or this will be the New Mexico. Maybe expats need to get out on the street and protest for Ryans safety home.

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I would say protest but whats the point. Costa Rica need a revolution and a dam army to keep us safe.

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Other reports on DiarioExtra say that there has been a ransom demand of $500,000. I expect that this the cause of the lack of specifics in most reports. If negotiations are in progress, nobody will be talking. Meantime keep your eyes and ears open.

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I hope that he come home safe thank for your info. God bless Ryan and his family

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Gerardo Gochez

We at the Salvation Army of Costa Rica pray for Ryan and his family. He is very caring person and we hope for the best for him and to be found safe.

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carol vaughn

The thoughts and prayers of the expat community are with Ryan and his family at this
confusing and sad time. We hope for the best for him.
Carol Vaughn

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