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Too many cats at the Legislative Assembly, says Costa Rica lawmaker

The number of street cats living near the Legislative Assembly in downtown San José is out of control, says one Costa Rican lawmaker.

Citizen Action Party (PAC) legislator Marcela Guerrero announced last Friday that the Association to Protect Animals would start a campaign to spay and neuter the clowder of cats that have taken up residence in the crenelated compound of the Legislative Assembly.

“For years now street cats have taken up residence in the Legislative Assembly, and due to the complexity of the building’s layout and access to food (trash, leftovers and feeding from people) it’s become very difficult to remove them without hurting them,” Guerrero said in a statement.

Citing the well-being of the animals, the PAC lawmaker said that the move to control the cats also would bring attention to an Animal Welfare Bill that President Luis Guillermo Solís publicly backed during a weekly press conference last Tuesday.

The captured cats will receive veterinary exams and will be safely relocated, the PAC statement said.

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Perhaps the cats are after the RATS! Hmmm.
But good to see the assembly taking definitive action for the good of state! ;-)

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