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Pope says Catholics should not have to procreate 'like rabbits'

Pope Francis appealed Monday for responsible parenting and said that good Catholics should not have to procreate “like rabbits.”

The leader of the world’s 1.2 billion Catholics said he defends the Church’s teaching against artificial contraception but claimed that didn’t mean “Christians should have children one after the other.”

He told journalists on his flight back from his visit to the Philippines that he once asked a mother of seven children — all born through C-section — who was pregnant with her eighth child if she wanted to “leave behind seven young orphans.”

“She said, ‘I trust in God.’ But God gave us the means to be responsible,” the pope said. “Some think, and excuse the term, that to be good Catholics, they must be like rabbits.”

Pope Francis said creating new life was “part of the sacrament of marriage” and in Manila he defended his predecessor Paul VI’s outlawing of artificial contraception for Catholics in 1968.

“Paul VI was worried by the growth of neo-Malthusianism,” which advocates restricting the number of children the poor can have. He said Paul VI “was a prophet.”

“The key teaching of the Church is responsible parenthood. And how do we get that? By dialogue. There are marriage groups in the Church, experts and pastors,” he added.

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I like much of what he says but (especially this one) – I feel to my core that he is like a president – only the front man put there to distract people from is really going on inside. Notice we’ve hardly heard anything about all the child molestation cases (& new ones continue to come in regular – even current day situations) since he took his role?

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Bruce Hubert

Well said, responsible parenting means having children that you can feed. clothe and educate without asking the government to help you.

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