San José, Costa Rica, since 1956

Wendy’s leaves Costa Rica

Say goodbye to your favorite redhead. Wendy’s is leaving Costa Rica after eight years, according to a statement on the company’s local Facebook page. Looks like aficionados of the franchise will have to dip their fries in a McDonald’s shake instead of a Frosty from now on.

The daily La Nación reported that the hamburger chain’s decision to shutter operations here left 110 people out of work. The company, operated by Grupo Raventós, had already closed restaurants on Paseo Colón, in San José, and Cartago, in August, the newspaper reported. Thursday evening was the last night other locations in Heredia, Alajuela, Avenida Central in San José, and Santa Ana were open, along with restaurants in mall food courts around the Central Valley.

The sign had already been removed and the windows papered over at the Avenida Central location on Friday. A sign plastered to a metal door read, “Thanks so much, Costa Rica!”

Mario Carvajal, operations manager for the chain in Costa Rica, told La Nación that the fast-food market is very tight and the company was unable to compete with the lower prices of its competitors while maintaining quality.

A study Carvajal cited said that some 61 percent of Ticos surveyed said they valued price over quality when it came to their fast food.

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BYE !! …. We don’t need WENDY or BUGER KING’S unhealthy and malnutrition food in our country anyway !!! We need to support or local food restaurant’s with our traditional and locally grow foods . PURA VIDA !!

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Ken Morris

I can read it and it doesn’t say much, just thanks for 8 years and blah blah, plus check out their facebook page for more info.

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Has anyone translated the rest of the message on the door?

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