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Drug trafficking

Costa Rican cops report seven tons of marijuana, 21 tons of cocaine confiscated in 2014

Police operations carried out by the Public Security Ministry during 2014 resulted in the seizure of seven tons of processed marijuana and the elimination of 872,923 marijuana plants, Minister Celso Gamboa reported on Tuesday.

Seizures performed by Drug Control Police (PCD) officers “make Costa Rica the largest drug confiscator in the region,” he added.

Anti-drug operations were conducted in plantations and houses but also at several hydroponic laboratories that were dismantled througout the year. In addition, operations by local police officers resulted in the seizure of 21 tons of cocaine.

“We have indicted a lot of people linked to drug trafficking, but marijuana and cocaine seizures made by PCD officers this year place Costa Rica at the forefront of Central America in these operations,” said Gamboa. “This accomplishment must be measured by the benefits it brings to our country, by the amount of drugs that we have prevented from being consumed, and by all the drug-related problems we avoided.,”

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Rick Nelson

Even while these brave agents risk their lives, corrupt judges are doing their part to make sure the supply chain is not interrupted, government officials of all kinds are feverishly eliminating any and all forms of potential development projects so that Ticos are forced to work ofr or collaborate in the drug trade. Will it ever end? Not Likely…

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Samuel Clements

the West Coast/Freedom Coast thanks you, a trillion (dollar$)…..refiling any order at anytime

#1 crop in California, MARIJUANA DOMINATED 2014

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Dan Gibson

The actual numbers were 10 tons of grass and 25 tons of cocaine — but =- who is counting?

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NARCOsta Rica for ever

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J-p A Maldonado

Twenty-one TONS (!) of cocaine? That’s 42,000 pounds of powder. Better check the source of this info.

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